Two university students impacted by Trump’s ban

United States President Donald Trump enforced a travel ban on travellers from seven Muslim-majority countries last month. The signing of the executive order spread chaos in most parts of America. Two of the university’s students have been affected by this action as well.

“We currently only have two students who are from the countries listed in the executive order,” said Amber Silessi, Director of International Services. “So, that’s the only affect it’s had right now.” 

The university has advised the students to stay away from traveling in this uncertain environment.

“Right now, we’re advising the students who are affected not to travel until everything’s run through the court system and a final decision is made so we know how to best advise them,” said Silessi. 

Trump’s decision has created an unpredictable environment for many international students who are in the United States, and it is also expected to affect the aspiring students planning to continue their higher education in the states.  

“We do not have any applications from students from any of those listed countries,” said Silessi. “As the applications are coming, that’s one of the things I’m checking to make sure, so I can advise them separately than I would a student from any other country that is not affected.”




The ban is implemented on people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen. Travellers from those countries are at a risk of getting their visas cancelled.

“The only detail right now is to inform students not to travel,” said Silessi. “That’s the only thing we can do. Beyond that, we advise them to seek professional immigration attorneys because they’re better able to advise beyond what we can.”

The university has also tried communicating with the students affected. 

“We have reached out to them as resources, but they haven’t reached back out to us,” said Dr. Pam Rault, Director for Student Engagement. “For us, it’s to provide them with good advice and to also just be a support system for them during this time.”

Rault’s advice to the students is to keep their traveling to a minimum.

“Students are going to have to be more mindful,” said Rault. “For the individuals who are affected, whether or not, if they had any trips planned home, it’s probably in their best interest to stay here.” 

Trump’s administration believe the ban has been set to prevent the threat of potential terrorists from entering the United States. However, this “extreme vetting” has been challenged in courts and a decision is still to be made.