Davis and McCarthy selected to learn about leadership and management

Connie Davis

Daniel McCarthy




Dean of the College of Science and Technology Dr. Daniel McCarthy and Director of Auxiliary Services Connie Davis were chosen to represent the university in the inaugural class of the University of Louisiana System Management & Leadership Institute, which is designed for mid-career faculty and staff.

“The Universities of Louisiana System Management & Leadership Institute is a two-semester program for mid-career faculty and staff who aspire to broaden their academic, professional and administrative leadership roles,” said Davis. “Representatives from each of the nine Universities of Louisiana campuses will gain a deeper understanding of higher education leadership and the role we, as administrators, play in providing a quality educational experience to our students.”

McCarthy explained the structure of the program and what is being done in the classes.

“There are nine, two-day meetings that occur monthly throughout the year,” said McCarthy. “Each meeting is at a different campus within the University of Louisiana System. During the meetings we have a lot of speakers, and there are group activities. We have to read five books on management and leadership issues, and we discuss the books. We have also been given a large assignment where three groups will have to come up with Action Plans to address all six of the Goals within the new University of Louisiana System Strategic Framework.”

McCarthy said that he felt humbled by Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Tena Golding recommending him for this opportunity.

“Each of the nine university presidents nominated one faculty and one staff from their respective campuses,” said Davis. “I was nominated by Dr. Crain through my direct supervisor, Mr. Sam Domiano, Vice President for Administration and Finance to serve as the Southeastern staff representative. Dr. Dan McCarthy is the Southeastern faculty representative.”

McCarthy described the program as depending on the individual in its purpose.

“There is a broad spectrum of people participating and we all have different backgrounds and circumstances, so it is hard to specify,” said McCarthy. “During the meetings we have had so far, we have been exposed to many different ideas related to management and leadership, and those ideas have been very useful. Also, we are given problems that we need to address with a diverse group of people, some of whom we have just met, so that really helps us to learn how to work together and use our collective skills to address problems.”

Davis felt excited to be given this opportunity.

“I am extremely honored to be representing Southeastern in this inaugural class of the ULM&L Institute,” said Davis. “I am confident that I will grow professionally and have an opportunity to learn from the UL leadership and the administration on each campus.”

McCarthy is looking to receive knowledge that will help him and the university.

“I am approaching it with an open mind, and I hope to find benefits from all aspects,” said McCarthy. “At this point, I have learned things from the presentations, the readings, the assignments and the group discussions. The best part has been getting to know people from the other schools, as well as getting to know Connie better. My goal is that I hope to be better at my job here and somehow bring back some ideas to Southeastern that will help the entire university improve too.”

Davis is hoping to further establish the importance of higher education in Louisiana.

“I have already thoroughly enjoyed the experience and know that I will continue to learn a tremendous amount about leadership and management through our readings, group projects and speakers,” said Davis. “I want to be a part of the future of higher education making educational attainment of utmost importance to Louisiana.”