Former Cowboy becomes a Lion

The countdown to Lion football is on. In nine days, August 29 at 7 p.m., the team will make their season debut inside Strawberry Stadium against the Southeast Missouri Redhawks. After coming off of a season high of winning the River Bell Classic Trophy twice in a row, Head Coach Ron Roberts searched nationwide for transfer students who could add to the Lion mentality of toughness, a competitive edge and leadership.
New on the roster is transfer Kody “Smoody” Sutton from Texarkana, Texas. The sophomore running back came to Southeastern from the University of Wyoming with an impressive stat sheet. His senior year, Sutton was the captin of his Texas High School team that posted a 6-5 record, and he ran 1,718 yards and scored 17 touchdowns overall. Sutton then moved to Laramie and played as a Cowboy for UW his freshman year. Though many freshmen are redshirted Sutton was given the chance to show his talents on the field due to an injury on the Cowboy’s offense. He played five games as a true freshman in 2011, gaining 146 yards on 30 carries.
Before the big home opener, the general studies major gave The Lion’s Roar some insight as to who Kody “Smoody” Sutton is on, and off, the field and why he chose to come down South to join the pride.


The Lion’s Roar: How has it been settling in as a new member of the Lion family?

Kody Sutton: It’s been pretty fun and easy. The players here are all cool guys and very easy to get along with, so the transition hasn’t been rough at all.


TLR: What are you most excited about this football season?

KS: I’m most excited about getting to show the Southeastern fans the exciting runs I will bring to the football team.


TLR: In Wyoming you played early as a freshman and escaped the redshirt, what did your experience as a Cowboy teach you that you’ve carried with you to Lion Nation?
KS: Playing as a true freshman, at the highest level of college football, taught me how to deal with pressure and how to become a leader at a young age. 


TLR: Why did you transfer, and why Southeastern?
KS: I transferred because I was having family problems back home and needed to be back closer to home. I chose Southeastern because of the coaching staff. They made me feel like I was a part of their family and welcomed me in with open arms.


TLR: How do you spend your time off the field?

KS: I spend most of my time off the field with my teammates either playing the game or watching movies. 


TLR: Your family, friends and teammates know you as Smoody. Where did you get the nickname and what does it mean?
KS: Smoody was a name given to me by my father that just stuck with me from childhood on up. It has no meaning right now, but I’m working to give it one. 


TLR: You’ve got some songs on YouTube, “Go Crazy” and “Miss Jackson Freestyle.” Where does the creative spark come from and do you rap as a hobby or could you see yourself one day with a career in hip-hop?
KS: I’ve always been able to rap. It’s just something that came natural to me. I really see it as more of a hobby [though]. I started making songs and the next thing you know everybody started liking my songs and wanting me to make more. They like what I talk about so as long as they like it I will keep doing it.


TLR: What do you love most about the game of football?
KS: What I love most about the game is that it gives me a chance to express myself and show everyone the talents God gave me. The football field is the only place where I can let go of my stress and problems and nothing else matters.


TLR: How has Coach Roberts helped you make the transition from a Cowboy to a Lion, and what is the best piece of advice he has given you thus far? 
KS: He has helped me by always being there if I need him. He always tells me his door is open. The most valuable piece of advice Coach has given me is telling me to play my game and be myself.