Home not so sweet for Women’s Tennis team

Though the construction taking place behind the kinesiology and health studies building is for a worthy cause, it has hindered the university and some of its activities and athletic events. Due to construction, the women’s tennis team will play “home games” away from campus for the 2011 season. Head Coach Jason Hayes and his ladies have had to make major adjustments to accommodate their schedules while being ready to compete week in and week out.

“We’re always on the road even when were at home. It’s been very challenging but you adapt,” said Head Coach Jason Hayes, who is in his tenth year as head coach for women’s tennis. In the past, tennis games were held adjacent to the pool area of the kinesiology building, but that is no longer the case. There are eight “home” tennis games that are scheduled this season, but the Lions have to make facilities in nearby Covington and Mandeville their home away from home. The Lions will host games at Pelican Athletic Club in Mandeville and Stone Creek Club and Spa in Covington to name a few.  

“We are lucky to have some nice facilities to play our matches at. Everyone has been fantastic, they have just adopted us,” said Hayes. The construction has had an impact on every aspect of the Lions’ season, even their practice routine. The Lions now practice on the two courts next to Southeastern Hall.

“We’ve just had to adapt, because the courts we practice on by Southeastern Hall are not good,” said Hayes. “It’s challenging to organize practice around class schedules with two courts, and even when we have everybody we have to run doubles because there are only two courts.”

Though the Lions tennis team has to go through adaptations to the situation with the construction, they have remained positive. Coach Hayes stressed how his girls have showed maturity through the entire ordeal and have yet to complain one time. As the ladies persevere through this season they know that there are good things to come for Southeastern’s Women’s Tennis. After this is all said and done, the Lions are getting four new courts in addition to two existing courts and also their own locker room behind the pool.

“They enjoy playing at the facilities, but I know that they will be thrilled to be back on campus,” said Hayes. “We will come out of this with six great courts, lights and a locker room. Something that we have never had before.”