Athletics pushes for student participation

With multiple athletic events making their home debut in the upcoming weeks, the Lion Athletics marketing and promotion teams has ample opportunity for students to get engaged at events, win prizes, cash and Lion gear.
“We’re trying to build attendance for our athletic events and also giving back,” said Carley Cryer. “We have a lot in the works so hopefully it’ll get going.”
As the Coordinator of Marketing and Promotions for Athletics, Cryer works to get students to events and make sure that athletic events are thriving with student life. Throughout the fall, Southeastern students can participate in three major promotions: the Roarin’ Rewards, the Lion Challenge and the Greek Challenge.
The Roarin’ Rewards promotion is a fan loyalty program where participants earn points for free Lions gear and prizes by attending games, showing up early and showing spirit in athletics. This promotion uses Quick Response codes for student to scan when they come into games and the scan earns the fan points. After earning a certain amount of points, students can use them to redeem awards.
“Students can get points for attending games, wearing Lion gear or the game colors just different ways for students and fans to get involved,” said Cryer. “We’ll have anything from little sunglasses, to a personalized jersey or an autographed item. Sometimes we may do a trip. Just depending on the season there are different prizes and prize levels.”
Along with the Roarin’ Rewards challenge is the Lion Challenge. This promotion features student and halftime promotions. Each week of a home football game students will have a chance to win a spot in the Student Halftime Show for a chance to win cash and other featured prizes. Students can come into the Dugas center and sign up the week prior to a home game and the names will be drawn on that Thursday.
“It’s a feature halftime promotions for students,” said Cryer. “It puts on a better show for halftime, and they can receive $100 for winning the challenge.”
Aside from the student and individual opportunities for students Lions athletic promotions offers the Greek Challenge. Greek organizations have the opportunity to win more cash  by accumulating the highest total attendance throughout the fall season of home events from Aug. 26-Oct. 27. The first place organization will receive $1,000, a party patio at a game, a bulk of champion T-shirts and a banner. Second place will win $500 and a patio event and third place will receive $250.
“It’s just an attendance challenge we want to see the Greeks get behind that and get really competitive,” said Cryer.
The promotions team will also continue to have free T-shirt giveaways and free food at events for fans and students. Right now the team is focused on getting the word out to students.
“One thing we can really improve on from last year is get the word out there,” said Cryer. “We need to really keep students in the loop so they know we have all these things going on.”
For more information on athletics and promotions at events visit or contact Carley Cryer at 985-549-3227. Student can also receive notice via their webmail account.