Male Athlete of the Week

Golfer Grady Brame is the male Athlete of the Week. Brame, a junior majoring in finance, is from Hammond  and developed his talent for golf at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Brame tied 22nd overall at the Southland Conference Championship his freshman year, was named to the All-Southland Conference second team his sophomore year and was selected to compete at the NCAA Regionals to represent the Lions this year.

The Lion's Roar: How did you get into golf?
Grady Brame: My dad is a very good player himself, so he got me into golf at a very young age. Ever since I could walk, I've been playing golf.

TLR: How is it to play golf and go to school in your hometown?
GB: I love going to school in my hometown. I didn't think I would like it at first, but that thought soon evaporated after a couple home-cooked meals in the first week of my first semester. I had always taken that for granted.

TLR: What is it like being the only American student on the golf team?
GB: Being the only American on the golf team is so much fun. We have a very diverse team, so I get to learn different languages and cultures every day I go to practice. All of these guys have a ton of personality, and I love hanging out with them.

TLR: What are your hopes for after college?
GB: After college, I am going to turn pro. This is something that I've wanted to do since the age of 16. That's when I decided to make golf a main priority and put in the work to get better.

TLR: What have been your favorite memories while on the golf team?
GB: Winning conference last year was a pretty awesome experience. All of the guys played really well, and Rhys West won the tournament individually. Also, the team winning LSU's home tournament last fall was some of the most fun I've had on the golf course. My favorite memory happens every couple of weeks when my parents cook for the golf team. We all pile up in a couple cars and head over to mom's house for dinner. They love doing it, and the food is always incredible.

TLR: In what ways have you grown since your time at SLU?
GB: I've grown an immense amount since I started here at SLU. College has forced me to mature in the past three years. My time management has gotten exponentially better, and I've become a better golfer. Experience is the best weapon anyone can have on the golf course, and I've gained a lot of it.

TLR: Who is your role model?
GB: My role model is my dad. I see how hard he works on and off the golf course, and it inspires me to do the same. The thing I admire about him the most is his patience. It's something that I need, and watching him helps me every day

Athlete of the Week photos courtesy of Sports Information