LAA brings ‘Lion Vision’ to Southeastern sports fans

The Lion Athletic Association (LAA) has partnered with SIDEARM Sports to create Lion Vision, a live-streaming video service on which allows people to watch Southeastern athletic games from anywhere in the world.
Currently Lion Vision includes almost every sport on campus except for softball and soccer. According to Bart Bellairs, director of Athletics, the only reason why not every sport has been included yet is because the facilities are too far away, but the goal is to get with every sport.
“We’re so excited because it means you can watch from basically anywhere in the world, as long as you can get access to a computer. It’s a step to where we want to go with [public relations] for our kids,” said Bellairs.
SIDEARM, which stands for “Sports Information Distribution Engine with Archives and Records Management,” is a N.Y. based company that specializes in creating innovative technological solutions for college athletic associations. Some of their other clients include Cornell University, New York State and Syracuse University.
Lion Vision has three rates for subscription. The 24-hour all access pass costs $6.95 and it allows access to all video content on Lion Vision for the whole day. The next level is the monthly re-occurring subscription that costs $10.95 that gives anyone access to all video for a whole month. It automatically renews every month, but the subscription can be canceled at any time. The final level is the yearly pass for $89.95, which lasts for a year from date of purchase.
Another goal of the LAA is to make the video comparable to television broadcasts.  
“The goal is to make it look like a small television production,” Bellairs said. “We’re not trying to get rich on it. We’re just trying to cover the cost of putting it all together. Revenue is not the purpose of this. The purpose is for recruiting and for the parents of athletes.”
Lion Vision will also include access to archived video from past games and highlight reels.
“This has been a goal for the LAA for a long time. I also want to give a lot of credit to our Sports Information people for putting this all together,” Bellairs said.
To subscribe to Lion Vision, visit and locate the Fanzone. Create a username and password, or link your Facebook or Twitter account to sign up.