Athlete of the Week

Misha Frazier

Misha Frazier

This semester’s first Athlete of the Week is track and field athlete Misha Frazier. Frazier has also been chosen as the recipient of the Southland Women’s Field Athlete of the Week, being the first named this season. Frazier is from Kenner Parish and attended Bonnabel High School. She has participated in shot put, weight, javelin and discus since.


TLR: You broke Southeastern’s indoors weight throw record at the LSU invitational. How did you feel going into the meet and then after?

MF: We had a Green and Gold Meet in December, where we competed against each other and I did pretty well in that, so I was excited about the season. I didn’t expect to break the record. I was really excited to break it. Now I have all the field records.


TLR: You have been named the Southland Women’s Field Athlete of the Week, the first in the weekly awards this season. How does that make you feel about going into this season?

MF: I’m very excited. I knew that I was going to do big things in outdoor, but I didn’t expect to do as strongly as I have done in weight. Hopefully I’ll go to nationals this season; it’s what I’m working on.


TLR: What are your goals for this season, both individually and for the team?

MF: My individual goal is to go to nationals; I want to be an All American. As a team, I want to unite our girls to make us a closer team and score better in conference, hopefully taking a title like our boys did.


TLR: Was it hard to leave your family and come to Southeastern?

MF: It wasn’t that hard because Kenner isn’t that far away. Whenever I feel homesick, I just go home and then come right back.


TLR: Do you have any siblings?

MF: I have four younger sisters, one younger brother and then an older sister.


TLR: Have you maintained contact with friends from high school?

MF: I did. A couple of my friends went to school in New York, but we still keep in touch. 


TLR: What is your favorite thing to do on your time off with friends?

MF: I write poetry, so we’ll go to open word shows or even just go to someone’s apartment and just chill.


TLR: Tell me more about your poetry. What got you into that?

MF: I was always kind of quiet when I was younger, and I kept a notebook, not a diary, where I would just write stuff. My freshman year in high school I had a crush on a guy and wrote a poem about him. Everyone read it and liked it. 


TLR: Do you have any words of advice for newcomers to the team?

MF: Don’t get comfortable just because you’re here. This isn’t the peak of your career, it’s just the beginning.