Athlete of the Week

Maddie Kresevic


Maddie Kresevic, a graduate of Solon High School, is a sophomore kinesiology major with a concentration in exercise science and a midfielder and forward for the Lady Lions soccer team. Joining the Lady Lions in 2014, Kresevic is a long way from her home state of Ohio. According to, she was an All-District and All-State athlete as well as a two-time conference performer. She was also the top women’s soccer scorer for her team in her last two years of high school. She has played in 33 games over the course of her career as a part of the Lady Lions team. It is easy to see how Kresevic came to the attention of Southeastern, and why she is a major asset to the team. 

The Lion’s Roar: What are some things you enjoy doing in your free time?  

Maddie Kresevic: I like to watch Netflix and relax since we don’t get much free time as student athletes. Between meetings, practice, games and classes, we’re kept pretty busy.

TLR: What is it like being a member of the soccer team? How does it feel?  

MK: It’s really a great thing. You meet a lot of new people, and it’s like being in a second family. It feels that way because I’m from Ohio, and my teammates are like a second family from Louisiana.  

TLR: What are some goals of the soccer team this season?

MK: Collectively and as a group, the goal is to win the conference and make it to the tournament.  

TLR: Now what are some goals for you personally when you will be on the field this season?

MK: My goal is to prevent as many shut outs as possible and help my team towards the common goal.

TLR: What do you miss most about home?

MK: I mostly miss my mom’s home cooked meals, and I really miss the season of Fall.  

TLR: While you are playing on the soccer field, what do you think about? What is your motivation?

MK: I’m mostly motivated by my teammates and by us being supportive of one another. In the back of my head, I’m thinking of our goal, and trying to get there.