Athlete of the Week

Ashton Henderson

Ashton Henderson graduated from Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is currently a senior general studies major and will be graduating from the university in Spring  2016. Henderson is number 93 and is the Lions defensive lineman. Henderson joined the Lions after playing for Iowa Western Community College, where he was an All-Midwest Conference selection. Henderson played in 13 games in 2014 as a reserve defensive lineman and made 13 tackles.


The Lion’s Roar: Do you miss your hometown?

Ashton Henderson: I do miss being home, my family, my church family and everything I grew up around. 


TLR: Did you play football in high school? 

AH: Yes, I played varsity as a true freshmen. The speed and technical faze of the game dramatically changed.


TLR: Is it easier or harder to make friends in college compared to high school?

AH: I’ve never had a problem making friends, I believe I’m a likable guy. 


TLR: Did you play any sports other than football?

AH: Yes, growing up I played almost every sport; baseball, basketball, track and I wrestled. 


TLR: If you could play a different position what would you play and why?

AH: Fb (full back) because you get to attack and hit people when they least expect it. 


TLR: Do you remember the first time you played football?

AH: Yes, I was 5 years old on the north side of Tulsa, OK playing for a team by the name of the Bulldogs. I made my first tackle, fell on top of the ball and it knocked the wind out of me.


TLR: Who is your favorite NFL team?

AH: The Dallas Cowboys because they always have a solid defensive line.


TLR: What do you do when you are not in class or playing football?

AH: Sleep, play video games or go out. I hardly go out though.


TLR: Do you have any other passions or hobbies?

AH: I played the drums growing up in the church.


TLR: What is your favorite music genre?

AH: I listen to all genres.


TLR: What is your favorite thing about football?

AH: It’s one of the only sports you can physically beat someone down, relieve anger and get cheered on for doing so. 


TLR: How do you stay motivated?

AH: I think about my family and my mother a lot.


TLR: Do you want to play football after college?

AH: If I’m blessed to further myself in football I’ll be extremely happy. If not, I was blessed to have school paid for and receive my degree.