Softball wins home series

Freshman Kameryn Fairchild, sophomore Peyton Stokes-Sutton, freshman Taylar Fuselier and senior Sydney McCullough run on field to secure another Lady Lions softball winning game series.

Freshman Kameryn Fairchild, sophomore Peyton Stokes-Sutton, freshman Taylar Fuselier and senior
Sydney McCullough run on field to secure another Lady Lions softball winning game series.
The Lion's Roar/Ian Fischer 

A four game four win softball series left the Lady Lions softball team head coach, players and fans optimistic on Saturday as they are thrusted to a 9-1 record matching overall.

The team faced Alabama A&M on Friday and Saturday at North Oak Park in Hammond. They won the first game on Friday with 9-7 victory and the second with a 10-1 victory. Saturday’s first game ended with 10-5 victory and the final game ended with a 9-1 victory. After the four wins, the Lady Lions matched the 1998 record for their best 10-game start.

After the third game on Saturday and going into the final game of the series, Lady Lions Head Softball Coach Rick Fremin was proud of the performance. He said the series gave him the opportunity to see what each of players are capable of. 

“As the head coach, I feel good as far as winning the games that we should win,” said Fremin. “The offensive execution by the starters has been exceptional thus far. We’ve done a real good job setting the tone. We play a lot of people each game and I’m pleased with that.” 

The tone set through the first three games carried over into the final game when the Lady Lions softball ended the series with the final win. Afterwards, Fremin was already looking ahead to Monday night’s game against Mississippi State University.

“Sitting nine in one with an overall record, we just told the team to enjoy that right now,” said Fremin.  “We have a quality ball club coming in here on Monday, an SCC opponent.” 

After the last game, Fremin said he was pleased with the performance and mentioned players stepping up through the series.

Senior shortstop Katie Lacour, sophomore outfielder Kinsey Nichols and sophomore Peyton Stokes-Sutton all lead hits for games in the series. Nichols shared her experience in the fourth game which she lead hits.

“The first two games went pretty great for me, but of course as your weekend goes on you see the same pitching,” said Nichols. “They see what you can do and what you cant do. So you’d think it’d get easier with it being the fourth game, but for me, personally, I think it’s kind of rough because they see what you do have and what you don’t have.”

The Lady Bulldogs could not get a run in on freshman pitcher Caitlyn VanHemelryck in her first collegiate start. VanHemelryck said the support she drew from the team played a role in her success.  

“There is so much support on this team,” said VanHemelryck. “Literally everyone comes together and if you’re down they’ll pick you right up.”

Both VanHemelryck and Nichols said “it felt awesome” to have won all four games and said they were ready for the rest of the season. Both Lady Lions also mentioned Fremin’s system as a significant reason for the team’s successes. 

Fremin spoke about his system.

“My goal always is to put the players in a situation to be successful and I’m constantly trying to think pitches ahead, innings ahead, on how or what may be predicted,” said Fremin “It’s about them. We tell them we’re going to win as a team, lose as a team. If we have to play everybody every game, even though we have a large roster, that’s what we will do.”

Though the players and coaches were optimistic, Fremin was aware of the difficulty the Lady Lion’s face moving forward. He said it would be a “dogfight” getting to the tournament.

“We still have a ways to go,” said Fremin. “Southland is a very strong conference and is playing extremely well early in the season. If you check the box scores, our conference beats a lot of high quality opponents.”

Spectators also showed support in their volume.

“I always think it’s good to come out and show school spirit,” said sophomore guard for the Lion’s basketball Dylon Maggio who was among the spectators. “As you can hear, it’s kind of loud out here so its good excitement around softball here.”

Students looking to show their support for the Lady Lions in their six game winning streak can check the softball schedule on

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The Lion's Roar/Ian Fischer