Moxie Dance Project hosts hip-hop masterclass

The kinesiology dance studio was booming with hip-hop beats last week as the Moxie Dance Project held a hip-hop master class taught by Flipside Dance organization member and aspiring choreographer Kendrick Griffin. Dancers let oneself go while the graduating senior taught the class a dance to Justin Timberlake’s “Let the Groove In” from Timberlake’s new album “20/20” before he graduates next week.
Moxie Dance Project members are used to learning more technical moves, focusing more on their muscle movement, so this master class gave them the opportunity to relax.
“Kendrick’s choreography was great,” said Ashanti McLaurin, Moxie Dance Project member and a senior general studies major with a concentration in dance. “It was amazing get chance to dance with him again. His choreography was smooth and easy to comprehend, which made us more comfortable in learning the dance. Since that dance was easy, it was very relaxing to take a break from thinking about steps and have fun.”
In April of last year, Griffin said he learned a dance to the same song from one of his favorite choreographers Nate Adams and “just fell in love with it.”
“The beat is so smooth and fun, and it feels as though you’re floating on air when you’re listening to it,” Griffin said, who will be graduating with a degree in business management. “The dance moves are effortless, and [the song] reflects that.”
Jaquan Warren, a Moxie Dance Project member, thoroughly enjoyed the class and how everyone picked up the moves so quickly.
“I was surprised at how well everything came out,” Warren said, who is also a sophomore majoring in graphic design. “Everyone caught on to the choreography really well and performed it amazingly.”
What Warren loved about this routine were the distinct twists each person put on the moves, allowing everyone to show their true personality.
“Nobody dances exactly alike, so it’s interesting to see how someone else embodies the movements,” Warren said. “It is also a perfect way to showcase who you are. Someone can come off a shy, timid individual, but when you dance your true nature can shine. For me, being so accustomed to learning difficult and intricate movement, the choreography was really simple and relaxing, so it was just a good way to enjoy yourself.”  
Griffin will be moving on to bigger and better endeavors after graduation, and his goal of breaking into the dance industry in Los Angeles keeps him driven to continue to grow and learn as a dancer.
“It’s funny because a lot of people asked me why I didn’t major in dance,” Griffin said. “You can’t dance forever, and you have to have a solid backup plan for later on in life.”
According to Warren, as long as there are dancers to teach, master classes like the one taught by Griffin will be offered in the future. For more information on the Moxie Dance Project and their upcoming events, email them at [email protected]