Impaired Faculties perform for benefit concert

Continuing FANFARE, Impaired Faculties will be playing at the Columbia Theatre as a benefit concert this Thursday, Oct. 16.

The band consists of five faculty members, each from a different department but each with a passion for music.

“I’ve been playing my whole life, in junior high, high school and college. It was in grad school that I stopped performing until now,” said Dr. Bill Robison, head of the History and Social Sciences Department at Southeastern, and founder of the band.

Robinson knew Dr. Joe Burns of the Communication Department could play guitar, and from there he approached him and the rest of the present band mates. Impaired Faculties was established in July of 2013.

“It was totally unexpected, the response we’ve gotten,” said Robison.

The band’s concert falls in the middle of FANFARE and all proceeds will go to support FANFARE and the Columbia Theatre.

At the concert, Impaired Faculties will perform several songs to be featured on their forthcoming CD in 2015. Old and new material will also be played, including fan favorites, “Daddy’s Little Princess” and “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll” which are also available on iTunes.

Though Impaired Faculties performs covers, they will also showcase original work.

They hope to continue to play as long as they are able to.

“We’re all committed to keep going,” said Robison.

Robison compared performing to teaching. A responsive audience is similar to a responsive, engaging class.

“It means we are doing a good job, we’re having fun and we’re communicating that with them,” said Robison.

The professors hope that when people leave a show, the leave with an appreciation for the arts.

“Art is always the first thing cut, but it’s a big part of being human,” said Robison.

Tickets for the show will be sold 11a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and an hour before the concert. Tickets will be $12, but $5 for students with their Southeastern Student I.D.

Groupie T-shirts will also be for sale. For more information on Impaired Faculties visit their web page and facebook page.