Iktus duo to perform experimental music

woman holding flute

                     Flutist Hristina Blagoeva makes up half of the Iktus Duo.
                 Courtesy of Public Information


Flute and percussion will collaborate to create  contemporary sound through the arrival of Iktus Duo.

Iktus Duo, comprised of Chris Graham on percussion and Hristina Blagoeve on flute, will travel from their home in New York to offer a free performance open to the public on Jan. 28 at 7:30 p.m. in the Pottle Music Building.

“I love the combination of percussion and flute. There’s just so much you can do with it,” said Dr. Philip Schuessler, instructor of music theory and composition. “But one of the other main reasons to have them come down is to have students exposed to new music, contemporary music, experimental music.”

Students also have the opportunity to attend a master class, which will allow students to perform with Iktus Duo on the night of the concert. The selected students will perform Cornelius Cardew’s “Treatise.”

“[Graham’s] going to guide the students on how to work in this new kind of notation,” said Schuessler. “The piece is what’s called graphic notation.” 

Along with learning about graphic notation in performance, students will gain from seeing musicians performing professionally.

“The importance of it is really crucial because there’s a lot of talk these days about what getting an education in the arts is good for,” said Schuessler. “It’s good to see professional musicians doing their thing passionately as a guidepost for the students to see this is what you can do with a degree, this is what you can do with the arts. You can embrace it as a professional musician.”

Recently the duo won the 2014 Ackerman Chamber Music Competition. Southeastern’s performance will be one of many as Iktus Duo performs and conducts educational workshops at various universities. They will also be part of an educational outreach for underprivileged students in New York City.

Iktus Duo will play unique contemporary music and show what directions music can take. The evening’s repertoire includes new and recent music, as well as Schuessler’s own piece, “The Witch on Bear Mountain.”

“They do adventurous repertoire,” said Schuessler. “They are willing to play contemporary music that other people are not accustomed to playing or want to play so it’s good to have an ensemble that’s open minded.”

For more information, contact the Department of Fine and Performing Arts at 985-549-2184.

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Blagoeva will perform with percussionist Chris Graham, to create a
contemporary sound for students and guests on Jan. 28.
Courtesy of Public Information