Ghost Light opens for spring semester

two men and two women

 The new wave indie rock group consists of Jeremy Cole, Micah Silverman,
Cregg Gibson and Lauren Gibson.

Courtesy of Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

Students with a taste for new and unknown music can rest easy; their frantic Internet searches can reach a standstill because the Columbia Theatre’s Ghost Light is returning.

The Ghost Light is still a relatively new venue in Hammond; this is the second year it has been offered to the public. Doors will open at 7 p.m. on Feb. 26.

Local Hammond band Better by Design will open the show, followed by Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, a band that was formed in Atlanta and has been touring full time since August 2009.

“For $8 you can come see two or three bands and it is not in a smoky bar, it doesn’t sound like junk; it is like a real concert you would pay hundreds for, just on a smaller scale for these local bands,” said David Avelar II, operations and production technical assistant and sound engineer at the Columbia Theatre.

The Ghost Light was created to provide local bands a way to showcase their art. Attendees will witness new, original music by rising bands. 

The bands have to submit a press kit, which is then reviewed before being accepted. Bands that had already performed with Columbia Theatre refer other bands as well.

The Columbia Theatre not only provides a venue, but also high quality equipment and treatment of the musicians. 

“There are not a lot of places that offer a high quality venue with the sound systems and the crew [we have here] that allows a band to really focus on their music [while performing],” said Avelar.

The Ghost Light requires preparation that begins days before the night of the show in order to run without a hitch.

“When a band comes, they can focus on playing their music, knowing we’re going to take care of them,” said Avelar.

Throughout the season, different genres of music will be performed on a show by show basis, a new layout that was fashioned for this season. Previously, different sounding artists were put together.

“They would cash, and it was cool. But then you had half the audience there to see the rock band, while the other was here to see the acoustic, folk girl,” said Avelar, “This February we’re going to have a new wave, indie pop from Atlanta [Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun] and Better By Design which is a rock band, but with a nice indie, kind of modern take on it. They’re going to go really well together.”

The Ghost Light will have a second show April 23 with Startisan, Modern Language and The Fox Fire.

Man singing on stage

Ben Thomas performs as guitarist and lead singer for the band Better By Design
during Battle of the Bands on May 6,  2014. 
The Lion’s Roar / Megan Ferrando