Spanish Club supports Nepal

Original music, nachos and a newfound purpose took over the Student Union as the Spanish Club hosted Viva la Vida.

The event scheduled for Tuesday, April 28 was originally meant to raise funds for the group’s study abroad program. After learning of the Nepalese earthquake, the club decided to donate all their funds to Southeastern’s Nepalese students who are working diligently to collect money.

“We saw that instead of using the money for the Spanish Club, there was a more urgent need,” said Jonathan Koeppel, a Spanish club member who helped organize the event and also performed with his band during it.

Tyler Kinchen & the Right Pieces, one of the first bands to perform for Viva la Vida, were hoping for an opportunity to help those in Nepal when they heard the Spanish Club changed their funding mission.

“It’s beautiful they decided to make that change. It’s impressive too, with their leadership and everyone a part of it,” said Tyler Kinchen, lead singer for Tyler Kinchen & the Right Pieces. “We got invited by the Spanish club to help them with their study abroad program, but we got here and they changed their plans in a good way for the people of Nepal. That whole experience (studying abroad) is great I’ve heard, but for them to make that change, that just shows where the whole school is.”file:///Users/stupubstaff77731/Desktop/@@_MG_4042.JPG

Mariela Sanchez, Spanish instructor and faculty advisor of the Spanish Club, recognized the talent of her Nepalese students who have not only had to learn English, but are now learning Spanish as well.

“I have had Nepalese students in my classes, they are the best students,” said Sanchez. “They are very humble. We love to have them in our classes. I take pride in that because they speak a different language, they had to learn English and now they are learning another one.”

Although the Spanish Club hosted Viva la Vida, the entertainment provided was of various styles and not primarily of Spanish origin. Aside from Koeppel and Tyler Kinchen & the Right Pieces performing, rapper Andy “Rebirth” Pellerano performed.

Koeppel chose bands he knew the Southeastern community would enjoy.

“I knew they’re a really good band so I said these guys have got to come,” said Koeppel. “They’re fun, a great band, energetic, they’re just great guys. Then I called up my friend who’s a rapper and thought he’d be great.”

The Spanish Club will also donate all funds made from their Latin Dance Night hosted a couple weeks ago. 

It cost only five dollars to join the club. All interested students are welcome. The Spanish Club can be contacted at [email protected] or by contacting Sanchez at [email protected]

Tyler Kinchen and the Right Pieces is comprised of some former and current Southeastern
students.The group has a mixed sound comprised of blues, soul, jazz, funk and more.
They currently play in nearby locations including New Orleans.
The group attended Viva la Vida to play for the Spanish Club,
but found the switch of proceeds going to Nepal as a positive and inspiring change.
The Lion's Roar/Megan Ferrando