Shattered Illusions

We sometimes have our moments where all we want to do is lay in bed, put on a sad song and wallow in our suffering. Noah Gundersen’s new album “Carry The Ghost,” released August 21, is the perfect companion for these moments.

It is heart-wrenchingly sad, yet glorifyingly beautiful. The lyrics are so carefully written and honest, they make you feel less alone. 

This young indie folk artist has managed to perfectly pair words with melody in his recent journey of self-discovery. His solemn, yet powerful voice only adds depth to each song. 

Many themes are represented in the album, including identity, religion and love. These are all things so many of us struggle with throughout life as we try to figure out who we are, what our purpose is, who we are meant to be with and what we should do next.

According to Gundersen’s biography on, he has changed and grown a lot in the last few years. This album is a journal of those changes. It tells the story of identity, independence, lessons, struggles and many of life’s nuisances.  

The biography writes that “Carry The Ghost” is “heavily influenced by existential philosophy.”

Through his website, Gundersen expressed that this album was a reflection of himself looking within, trying to figure out how he was supposed to live his life. He realized through the writing of this album that we are made up of our experiences, everything is not black and white and that we are ever evolving.

I’ve listened to this album repeatedly and I am still trying to grasp the depth of each song. I am so impressed with Gundersen’s talent. 

While “Carry The Ghost” is filled with slow songs, they remain powerful songs. If you enjoy discovering new, sincere artists, try Noah Gundersen.

I heard him live about three years ago when he opened for another one of my favorite artists, Jon Foreman. I was taken in right away. A person can tell when an artist is not just a good singer, but also someone who pours themselves into their music. That is what I saw with Gundersen.

Don’t assume “Carry The Ghost” is just for the brokenhearted, though. It is for anyone who feels emotion and lives life. In other words, it’s for everybody. 

Gundersen is currently touring for this new album, yet disappointingly not in Louisiana. I expect this young man to return to the South soon and share a little of what he has learned through music.