“A Different Truth” visits Contemporary Art Gallery in the first exhibit of the fall semester

“A Different Kind of Truth” opens CAG exhibit season.
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To start the fall semester, the Contemporary Art Gallery will be showcasing the work of Michael Alford.

Director of CAG Dale Newkirk describes “A Different Kind of Truth” as an exhibition that documents the artifact that Charity Hospital in New Orleans has become.

 “This long-term project examines Charity Hospital post-Hurricane Katrina,” said Newkirk. “The hospital was closed after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The hospital served the city for 300 years, but today, it is a time capsule that reveals the story of events from the past and the drama that took place there during Hurricane Katrina and before.”




Newkirk feels the photographs displayed portray a story of Louisiana.

“When seeing this work for the first time, I felt that these were powerful images that told an important story,” said Newkirk. “A story that is moving and relevant to the people of Louisiana. All artworks in this show are exploring one subject and are an on-going series of photographs.”

Newkirk chose this show to start the season due to its impact.

“I felt that this would be a powerful show to start the exhibition season off with,” said Newkirk.

Newkirk believes local art defines and explains the culture of an area.

“Art is an important part of our culture,” said Newkirk. “The measure of a great culture is reflected in the art that is produced. The art gallery services the campus and the larger community of the Northshore. It is part of the university’s mission to contribute and to encourage the development of the arts.”

Newkirk hopes to use the CAG exhibitions to engage and to educate students about art.

“The Contemporary Art Gallery is committed to offering relevant exhibitions to the students and surrounding communities,” said Newkirk. “We strive to create students who are engaged in artwork and who are life-long educated viewers. That has to start on college campuses.”