The little things

The purpose of college is to gain an education, but that alone does not sum up what we hope for while in college. We hope to grow, have fun, experience new things, find out where we fit in and what we’re passionate about. When many of us search for a school, we not only look at which school will educate us the most, but also at the campus, spirit and town. How much fun can we have here?

Luckily, college kids don’t have to be in the heart of New York City to find some fun and entertainment. We’re a creative people. These are usually the years with the most themed parties, random adventures and long coffee dates. We can do a lot with a little.

Like many campuses, Southeastern is located in a small town. Most of what goes on in Hammond happens downtown, which is in walking distance of campus.

I’ve passed through many downtown areas and few seem as suited as downtown Hammond is for college students. There’s always something to do.

It is important to take advantage of these opportunities if we want to look back on these years and remember countless fun times at tailgates, concerts, plays, etc.

But rest assured, it is not only the big things that are going to make our memories worthwhile. We may only mention in passing how great that show was to our kids, or how much fun we had during that game. It will often be the minor details and small adventures with our friends that stand out.

One of my favorite spots in Hammond is PJ’s Coffee located downtown. It has a certain atmosphere that just begs for intimate or seemingly unimportant conversations over lattes and scones. I’ve spent so much of my college years in that coffee shop writing essays, meeting up with friends and pondering our great existence.

I love remembering walks to Eddie’s Frozen Custard with my best friends and acting like children in the downtown playground. It was the random picnic I decided to have with a friend in the grassy field of the park that I will cherish. It was the walks alongside the train tracks and dessert nights that have made up a large part of my college experience so far.

I believe in the small and the big things if we want to make the most of what’s in front of us now. We need to cheer on our Lions at the sports games, and we need to find our little niche where we can be quirky and adventurous. 

These are the years where it’s the most acceptable to be poor, constantly busy and a tad crazy. I’m going to make the most of it. I’m going to participate in what’s available. I’m going to find little places I can call my own. I’m going to be a bit weird at times, and I’m going to have a few things to tell my kids about.