Blue Bell is back in business and will hit shelves without a hitch

Megan Ferrando's Headshot-A&E Editor

A tragedy hit the United States last April. We lost something we all care deeply about. Somehow, we have found feeble substitutions and have attempted in vain to forget about what we were temporarily missing. These descriptions marked the recall of the widespread and much loved Blue Bell ice cream. 

This past Monday, August 31, however, Blue Bell again began distributing ice cream to select markets. For those who don’t indulge in such delicacies, Blue Bell recalled all their ice cream after an outbreak of listeria monocytogenes. This is a bacterium that causes illness, which some were hospitalized and others even died from. 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a total of 10 patients were hospitalized and three deaths were reported with the initial outbreak of listeria monocytogenes in April.

This highlights the seriousness of the bacterium. It also causes some serious trust issues between Blue Bell and devoted ice creamaholics. Blue Bell somehow let this bacterium get into their product. This is a serious issue for any food company as it causes doubts in the safety of the company’s product. 

Despite this, however, I do not predict Blue Bell facing any serious repercussions as they slowly make their way back into stores. They allowed such a serious slip to make its way through their factory and into the hands of trusting fans. I predict most of the fans will celebrate the return of Blue Bell, though there will be lines down the ice cream aisle. 

I won’t even be surprised to see a few Blue Bell ice cream parties. 

Although I am very much interested in food safety and try to avoid preservatives and other dangerous add-ins or chemicals to my meals, I am also feeling excitement towards Blue Bell’s return. 

It is that one indulgence I truly enjoy, despite health factors. And by health, I mean you may gain a few inches on your waistline from eating too much. I do not mean I don’t care about the risk of some dangerous bacterium in my bowl. 

I do not fear a return of some bacterium because I still trust Blue Bell. In fact, I feel even more confident in their food safety after this huge health scare. After losing so much business and causing such a national outcry, Blue Bell will do everything they can to take care of their product and customers. 

There is no way they would even begin production again if they weren’t sure and cleared for safety. More precautions will likely be added into the production of their ice cream. I would bet my bottom dollar that they don’t want this to happen again.

So if you’re worried about picking up some rare disease from Blue Bell’s long missed carton—don’t be. 

According to Blue Bell’s website, they are notifying the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state health officials as they reenter states. Blue Bell has also undergone facility upgrades to ensure safe and high quality products. These upgrades are still ongoing in some facilities, hence the delay in reentry for some states.

Only one facility is currently making ice cream, so distribution of ice cream will occur in five phases to select areas. This long missed ice cream will enter 15 states at a time. Southern Louisiana will not receive Blue Bell until phase four. Sadly, this date has not yet been announced. 

So yes, Blue Bell is back in business, but us folks in the South will have to wait a little longer until we get our favorite mint chocolate chip or rocky road ice cream. You can begin your plans for your Blue Bell ice cream party now.

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