Hammond Hidden Gems

The following list is prepared in no particular order, and the reader is strongly encouraged to chow down at each of these establishments before the end of the month. Though I have no professional background in food tasting and critiquing, I am a full-blooded Cajun, and I believe my seasoned palet has served me well in writing this list.

The Red White & Brew

The Lion’s Roar / Heather Jewel

I love this place. They offer wine tasting nights with amazing free food, and I cannot praise them enough. Going in there and admiring the selection of wines and other drinks is very relaxing, because the art work on the labels are lovely and the workers know what they are talking about when you ask them questions. You can also receive your fancy cheese fix over here because they understand that to enjoy the reds, you need some gouda. 

The Red White & Brew: 120 East Thomas Street, Hammond, LA 70401

Lee's Drive In

 The Lion’s Roar / Heather Jewel

They offer literally everything and make me wish I had been born a couple of decades back with the cute, classic diner scene. The food there covers everything you could possibly want, and I won’t lie, it is the liver and onions with mashed potatoes that brings me back. Put down the pitchforks and give it a try; it is full of iron and good for your body.

Lee's Drive In: 401 West Thomas Street, Hammond, LA 70401


The Lion’s Roar / Heather Jewel

Just because it is cliché and a stereotype, it doesn’t mean that this place deserves to be dressed down. Starbucks is amazing. I’m amazing. And, it is for this reason I received gift cards to it for Christmas. Their spinach, turkey and cheese wrap is a blessing in the morning before classes, and there is no shame in ordering two so you have one for the walk and another in class. As for the drinks: caffeine. Is there really any need to explain further?

Starbucks: 2448 West Thomas Street, Hammond, LA 70401


 The Lion’s Roar / Heather Jewel

The seafood platter makes me happy. The servers make me happy. The atmosphere makes me happy. Everything about this place is enjoyable and the bar is great; only to be made better with their cute bartenders. Every time I walk in the door, I find myself studying the art piece of the fat lady and conversation flows easily. This is a great place to watch the game too, other than that one time when the TV’s froze…

Brady’s: 110 Southwest Railroad Avenue, Hammond, LA 70403


The Steakhouse

 The Lion’s Roar / Heather Jewel



Whenever I’m really proud of myself, I go here. It is directly across from the Columbia Theatre, and if you want to eat here, getting a reservation is your best bet of success. It is fancy and dressing up allows me the chance to feel elegant. This isn’t a weekly kind of splurge like getting an icee would be. It takes planning and honestly, some money in the bank. But it is so worth it. The steak is the best I have had (other than my Daddy’s of course), and it is a very pleasant experience to eat here. If steak is not your thing, they also offer fish, but why someone would go to the best steak house in town and not eat their best offering, is beyond me.

The Steakhouse: 221 East Thomas Street, Hammond, LA 70401

Yellow Bird Café

 The Lion’s Roar / Heather Jewel

Not to get too emotional, but this was the first place my boyfriend took me to eat in Hammond over a year ago. Other than the Cajun meals I was cooking and thawing from home, it was the first meal I’d eaten in a Hammy Land restaurant. They are open 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the perfect breakfast times for early birds and those stumbling around groggily after a night of serious “studying.” The foods offered are breakfast and lunch choices, with Mexican influenced dishes as well.

Yellow Bird Café:222 East Charles Street, Hammond, LA 70401

Ryan's Convenience Store & Deli

 The Lion’s Roar / Heather Jewel

I almost don’t want to share this hidden gem, but it deserves recognition, big time.  And man, that muffuletta sings to me. The size is so ginormous. I can get one and be good for lunch and dinner for the next four days. They also offer icees, and it is the only place in Hammond that offers the name brand ones with all the flavors. When you have the time, pop by for one of their Po-boys also. They’re the only ones I would recommend on repeat.

Ryan's Convenience Store & Deli: 43195 South Range Road, Hammond, LA 70403

Tommy’s on Thomas

 The Lion’s Roar / Heather Jewel


I don’t understand why so many places in Hammond are the name of a person with an apostrophe S, but Tommy knew what he was doing when he opened this place. The oven roasted pizzas are divine and are backed by an awesome team of other foods. The Spinach and Artichoke Breadsticks are basically a pizza also, and the spaghetti hosts meatballs the size of my fist. I love you Tommy; you are bae.

Tommy’s on Thomas: 216 West Thomas Street, Hammond, LA 70401

Rende's Quick-Stop

 The Lion’s Roar / Heather Jewel

It is the little things in life that truly matter: icees, Hersey’s drops, starbursts, icees, a random order of nachos, icees, Gatorade, chips or icees. Whatever it is, whatever a college student’s heart desires (like a medium coke icee), Rende’s delivers. They also currently have a great deal where three bottles of wine can be bought for 10 dollars. Right off of north campus, across the parking lot and next to the Alumni Building, it is a college student’s dream.

Rende's Quick Stop: 306 West University Avenue, Hammond, LA 70401

Tacos & Beer

 The Lion’s Roar / Heather Jewell

One-dollar tacos, pitchers of beer, huge margaritas and yummy breakfast foods served all day: what’s not to like? They also have musical artists come by and perform shows while you eating, and that is always an adventure in itself.

Tacos & Beer: 201 East Thomas Street, Hammond, LA 70401