Skin color does not determine talent

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In just a few short days, the 88th Academy Awards will be broadcasting live from the Dolby Theatre. When everyone should be talking about how amazing the nominees are for Best Picture, Best Actor or Actress, they are unfortunately not. The buzz about the Oscars is not about all the nominees, but about the nominees’ skin color. Yes, you have heard me correctly: skin color. 

Skin color is the big buzz about this award show season. Some people are not happy because of the lack of diversity in the nominees. It saddens me to hear that the nominees can’t really be excited because no one is really talking about them. I completely agree that there seems to be a lack of diversity, but these people were obviously nominated for a reason. I think society is missing the point of being nominated.

I think there are other things people need to look at rather than skin color. For example, my second job involves 20 other people and myself. The 21 people that were chosen for this team had to audition just like the nominees for leading actor and actress had to audition for their movie role. Out of these 21 people, a little over half of the team is African-American. When I found out who was on the team, the first thing I noticed was not the color of their skin, but how good their audition was and how much they stood out. These actors and actresses were not nominated for the color of their skin, but for their performance.

From a little bit of research, I have learned that the Oscars have had diverse nominees for many of the past award shows. So, one day Jada Pinkett Smith gets mad just because her husband isn’t nominated and now everyone freaks out. Jada Smith and her husband are boycotting the Oscars because of a lack of diversity, but she should be happy for these actors and actresses that are nominated. 

Cartoon on Oscars and skin color

I feel her actions of boycotting the Oscars is a bad look in general. I am a fan of Jada Smith and Will Smith, but I do not agree with their boycott. Hollywood is a diverse area, but not everyone can be nominated. If that were the case, the Academy could never pick a winner. Just because Will Smith wasn’t nominated, that does not mean his acting was terrible. Maybe the way to go is to get rid of award shows all together if everyone is going to get offended by certain nominees.

Looking through the list of nominees, I did my research on each one. Yes, there are only white people nominated for Best Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Actor/Actress, but there is still diversity. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is a Mexican film director and producer who is nominated for Best Directing. 

There is also a documentary feature about singer Nina Simone nominated for Best Documentary. I understand these are not well known categories, but they do not lack diversity. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. 

Whether our skin is a different color, or we are from different backgrounds, does not change the fact that we are all humans living in this crazy world. 

These actors and actresses are all the same. They grew up, pursued acting and they are making a living off of something they love. It shouldn’t be about getting an award or being nominated. This should be about their passion for acting and how they are doing what they love. 

Yes, it is an honor to be nominated and to win, but not everyone can win and not everyone can be nominated. Everyone has their time to shine and this year it is these nominees’ turn. Patience is a virtue Jada Smith. One year her husband may get nominated, but karma may bite her in the butt and he may not win. Why? He may not win because he boycotted the award show. Well, we all have our rights to say how we feel, but hopefully they realize what they have done may have ruined his chances all together.