Move-in Mane-ia kicks off Traditions, introduces students to campus life

Move-in Mane-ia kicked off Traditions with helpful tips on how to live comfortably in the residence halls. Inside the Pennington Student Activity Center tables were set up introducing all of what campus has to offer: Campus Activities Board, University Police, Freshmen success tips, State Farm Insurance, Fresh Peeps, Rec Sports and Wellness, University Counseling Center, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and more.
Free snacks were also on hand for students and their families as they visited each table and learned more about their new school. After a quick energy boost, students checked in with their dorm resident assistant and received the key to their new college life.
Even though there is still a waiting list for the dorms, the load of students needing on-campus housing has lightened now that Zachary Taylor Hall has reopened after a summer renovation.
“We have new ceilings, bathrooms, fire alarms and there are security cameras in our courtyard,” said Rebecca Mayeux, a sophomore psychology major and RA for Zachary Taylor Hall. “The building got a little bitty facelift.”
Senior music education major Erica Collins is no stranger, however, to campus and the dorm life. Collins has been living in the dorms since she was a freshman and loves the convenience it gives her every day. Now, her final year on campus, she checks into Taylor Hall.
“It’s just a lot easier,” Collins said. “It’s really relaxing knowing that my classes are either down the street or across the street. They’re right outside my door. It makes it much easier to get to class.”
At the start of every semester Southeastern students and faculty work together to host Traditions.
The three days consists of events on campus for incoming freshmen and other students living in the dorms to get acclimated with Southeastern Life.