Student arrested for sexual felony in sting

Matthew Verdin

Matthew Peter Verdin was one of two men
arrested last week in an undercover internet
solicitation sting conducted since March. 
Courtesy Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office

Southeastern student Matthew Peter Verdin, 29, was one of two Gretna men who were arrested last week for computer aided solicitation of a minor. 

Verdin was arrested Wednesday, June 11 after attempting sexual solicitation from an undercover officer posing as a 16-year-old girl named “Madison” through the internet and text.

Verdin was reported by officials to have sent “Madison” explicit images of himself and requesting inappropriate photos in return. Throughout communication, Verdin expressed a desire to have sexual contact with Madison.

Verdin and Allen Payne Jr., also arrested for sexual solicitation of a minor, were booked into the Jefferson Parish Jail and later transported to the Washington Parish Jail. 

In addition to attending Southeastern, Verdin is also an assistant basketball coach at John Ehret High School. Previous reports implied Verdin was employed as an assistant coach at Southeastern. 

According to Associate Director of Sports Information Damon Sunde, Verdin has never been employed by Southeastern.

Verdin, a history and political science major, and Payne had been under police scrutiny since at least March as part of an undercover internet sting. Both men were arrested at their home during a raid on June 11. 

Both men were released on June 12 after posting $50,000 bonds. 

Opinions Editor Melanie Mann contributed to this story.