Carnival offers children fun, safe Halloween

shark family

Danny, Logan, Levi and Wendy Caillouet (above) dressed as sharks and shark victims for
the Fall Carnival. This is the Caillouet family’s third year attending the Fall Carnival. 

The Lion’s Roar / Heather Jewell 

Southeastern students gave back to the community this Halloween as they hosted the annual Fall Carnival at North Oaks Park.

Children were both tricked and treated when they went to each organization’s table. They played games such as bean bag tosses, bottle throws and cups and ball; after they played, they were rewarded with candy. Space bounces, face painting and balloon animals were available, as well as a tractor-pulled hayride that would loop around the park.

Students operated everything. Donned in a banana suit was Terence Arthur, a sophomore and member of Theta Chi. This was his first year working the carnival. His favorite part was doing something specifically for the community. Arthur and his fraternity brothers went out at 4:30 p.m. to begin setting up their table. 

 Arthur saw it as a great opportunity to hang out with friends and witness the excitement of all the children attending. 

“I’m a social work major and would like to work at a disability office and give back to the people who truly need it most,” said Arthur. 

In line for the hayride was the Caillouet family, Danny and Wendy with their twins Logan and Levi. Their sons were dressed up as sharks, and both Danny and Wendy were shark attack survivors donning blood-stained headbands and torn clothes. They were each alumni of Southeastern who had been involved in Greek life. This was their third year coming to the carnival.

“It’s great to see how into it the students are. You can tell that they really want to be here,” said Wendy Caillouet.

Since the event is free, organizations have to come up with their own funding to supply the event. Aliyah Zeien was a part of Project Pull, which provided the three space bounces at the carnival. Zeien is a sophomore social work major; she also enjoyed giving back to the community and commended the event as a whole.

Offering a positive atmosphere, parents can trust that the Fall Festival will be an enjoyable time. 

“They create the event, what they are able to do and provide [will set the event],” said Hebert-Crouch.

family at carnival

Hope Adams, Gabriel McCarthy and Melissa Cannino enjoyed showing off the children’s
cat and chicken costumes and playing games. 
The Lion’s Roar / Heather Jewell