‘Let’s Get it Started’

Brothers of Iota Phi Theta show off their original step

Brothers of Iota Phi Theta show off their original steps as a disc jockey plays in the corner of the Student Union Mall. Multiple fraternities and sororities stepped to the music, representing who they are as a brotherhood or sisterhood. 

Packing up and leaving home for a new start at college is intimidating for many, but Southeastern has provided opportunities for freshmen to learn about all they can accomplish while at school. Multicultural and International Student Affairs has helped host “Let’s Get it Started” on  Wednesday, August 26 in the Student Union Mall. University organizations and Greek life crowded the Student Union Mall to help freshmen realize what they can be a part of.

“I decided to come to this event because I wanted to see what the school has to offer and things I could involve myself in so I could be more of a well-rounded individual,” said freshmen kinesiology major Erin Payton. “Everyone I met has given me a lot of information. Everyone is really friendly and nice. They greet you really well and make you feel safe.”

Freshmen learned the ins and outs of college life, learned about groups to involve themselves in, ate free food, listened to a disc jockey and even got to see multiple fraternities and sororities show off their step dances.

“Fraternities and sororities do this thing called a step show. They’ll step together at different Greek shows. So they’re just showcasing their talent and what they do and stand for as a group,” said sociology sophomore Mikayla Times who is on the leadership team of Project Pull and the parliamentarian of the Black Student Union. “They’re just showing you what you would be doing if you became a part of them. It’s like a family. You’re joining a brotherhood or you’re joining a sisterhood.” 

Times went to the event last year as a freshman and commented that she gained a lot from her experience. 

“It really did help me because with them sending me emails and being invited to events, I felt included in the school,” said Times. “So it really did help me to get use to life here faster, staying on campus, away from my parents. I really enjoyed these kinds of things because it got me to see what Southeastern really could do for me other than just academics.”

According to Times, one of the benefits of “Let’s Get It Started” is realizing Southeastern offers ways to get involved, and it is a way to make new friends.

“It’s really important because a lot of people come here and think there is nothing to do, but if they don’t come to things like this when invited, they’ll never know,” said Times. “So when you come to things like this you get to at least know and be aware of things you can do on campus. A lot of people don’t come here with a lot of friends, so it’s another way for them to make friends and people who can probably help them out later.”

Those wishing to get involved with more on campus can find a list of the organizations on www.selu.edu by clicking on the “campus life” tab and then “student affairs."