Job Fair returns to campus

Job Fair Browse

Students browse through the Student Union Mall searching for possibilities of the future at the Part-Time Job Fair put on by the Office of Career Services. 

Job Fair Browse

Students receive information about future job possibilities at the Career Fair. 

The fall Part-Time Job Fair allowed for students to meet with employers from various workplaces about earning a spot at their establishment.

The Part-Time Job Fair was held on August 27 in the Student Union Mall from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The event was sponsored by the Office of Career Services to help students find part-time jobs while going to school.

One employer students could meet with was Global Wildlife. Paul LeBlanc, a tour guide for Global Wildlife, was able to explain what type of employees they were seeking as well as the uniqueness of working for their enterprise. 

“They have to be personable. They cannot be afraid of public speaking. Most importantly, the employees must be outgoing,” said LeBlanc. “It is a fun job. No day is the same. It is a unique experience. It gives you the opportunity to interact with wild animals.”

“The managers are going to do more administrative things like going to job fairs and recruiting while the tour guide is going 

to have a more casual working experience because they are interacting with people and giving animal facts,” said LeBlanc.

Some employers presented at the university because they have hired Southeastern alumni. 

“We are trying to keep an open communication with the university,” said store manager of Mandeville Walgreens Mike Girspert. “We have had several pharmacy technicians and store managers come from Southeastern Louisiana University.”

Director of Career Services Kenneth Ridgedell thought the Part-Time Job Fair was a success.

“I actually think the event went very well,” said Ridgedell. “I think there are a number of reasons why it went as well as it did. I think the Good Lord blessed us with the beautiful weather [last week]. It’s an exception for us to be in August with sixty and seventy degree weather, very beautiful sunshine.” 

Along with the beautiful weather, overall, the event had positive results.

“We promoted heavily to students and we had a really great turnout of students. The feedback we got from students, as well as the feedback we got from the employers that participated is that it was a great event so we think it was highly successful,” said Ridgedell.

In addition, Career Fair 2015 will be held on Thursday, September 17 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Pennington Student Activity Center. For more information, contact the Office of Career Services at 985-549-212.