In the Lion Light: A spotlight on campus organizations

Sophomore biology major Angelica Schiffer is starting up a new club on campus called Lion P.A.W.S.

“Lion P.A.W.S. stands for People for Animal Wellness Support,” said Schiffer. “Our goal is to serve as a resource for animals in need. We are committed advocates for animal rights and wellness engaged in regular fundraising and volunteering. It is an upcoming organization that reaches out to people with an interest in the wellness of all types of creatures.”

Schiffer has plans to accomplish multiple things with the club.

“I hope to have regular fundraisers and volunteer opportunities such as group-wide volunteer trips, dog washes, donation bins, et cetera,” said Schiffer. “There is even hope to bring animals to the campus for a time period during exams to help students take a break and let off stress.”

This club is being organized to help animals.

 “We will have different events each semester that will be focused towards our club goal,” said Schiffer. “The goal is to get people involved in the community to make it a better place for us and our furry, scaled and feathered friends.”




The club will present more awareness of service opportunities in the community.

“I hope to spread awareness around the campus to allow more students the opportunity to serve,” said Schiffer. “This club allows students a close-knit community to bond with the animals and each other. The more individuals come together, the more knowledge that is spread to better equip ourselves to help the animals in our community.”

Schiffer believes there is more to animal welfare organizations than people realize.

“Many appreciate the animal welfare organizations and shelters, however, forget how much effort is really put into helping these animals,” said Schiffer. “These people give animals temporary homes rather than leaving them on the streets. They protect the community by improving the overall health and well-being by taking them in and preventing the spread of various diseases among these animals and even humans. Fundraising allows shelters more options for their animal care, as well as providing the community with vouchers for veterinary care many can’t afford. This can drastically help with overpopulation and reduce the amount of homeless animals we see. Funds and volunteers are limited, and not only is it a way to serve your community, but to better yourself as well. We are trying to make a difference in animals’ lives just as they have made in ours.”

Members must uphold certain requirements.

“Members are required to pay semester dues, attend meetings and events,” said Schiffer. “Three hours of volunteer service for each semester will be required as well. These hours can be earned individually or with the activities Lion P.A.W.S. is active in.”

However, the club is meant to be enjoyable for members.

“People that join just need to know that this club is about service, but it is also about having fun,” said Schiffer. “Coming together to give animals a safe environment allows us to make a difference while enjoying the work we do.”