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View and Download a copy of the 2020 Le Souvenir yearbook today!



You can now view and download an E-edition of Southeastern’s award-winning yearbook, Le Souvenir. French for “the memory” the 2020 Le Souvenir yearbook, Volume 91, covers the 2019 Fall, 2020 Spring, and 2020 Summer semesters of Southeastern’s campus. Readers can even share their favorite pages on their personal social media accounts! Take a look by clicking the link here to visit our page on today.

From the site you can:

  • View pages by scrolling through the book.
  • Share on social media or email by clicking the “share” link on the lower left.
  • “Like” the Le Souvenir by clicking the heart icon.
  • Download a full PDF version of the yearbook by clicking on the “download” link at the bottom center of the image.

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Le Souvenir is the official yearbook of the students of Southeastern Louisiana University. Distributed in the Fall, it is published annually. Le Souvenir is planned, written, designed, and produced by the students of Southeastern Louisiana University working in the Office of Student Publications, a part of the Division for Student Affairs. Le Souvenir has been in continuous publication since 1929.

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