Supporting local businesses and connecting with the community

Reconnect has held a "Farmers Market" on campus since 2011 to encourage student to connect with local farmers and environmental sustainability. Jessica Anny/The Lion's Roar

The “Farmers Market” is an event held in front of the War Memorial Student Union. It’s a chance for local businesses to come out and show off their products, and it gives them a chance to sell things to students. It also gives students a different aspect on healthier foods to choose from and that are made from people within the community.

Heather Poole, a sophomore at the university is the reconnect manager and organizer of this event. This is her first year as being manager. Poole hopes that this will get people thinking about eating healthier and paying attention to local farmers in the area.

“The importance of this event is to get connected with the earth and local farmers around this area to get people to think about where their food comes from, understand why local food is important and also to get people talking to each other,” said Poole. “For example, we have vegetable pancakes at one of the stands, and it makes a healthier option for students to eat. Although we don’t have food out here every day, I just want it to get people thinking.”

Another vendor that was there at the event was Debbie Sayler who sells homemade soaps made with glycerin, shea and coco butter. According to Sayler, this is her second year coming to the “Farmers Market.”

“Everyone is so friendly and helpful,” said Sayler. “I get so much help from the students. They help me unload my car and ask if I need anything. I really believe that all of the students enjoy this event also.”

Junior Bryanna Edwards has come to the “Farmers Market” multiple times before this and really thinks it’s a great thing to have on campus.

“A lot of people get excited for this,” said Edwards. “I like local businesses and like supporting them, so this gives me a way to show that and connect.”

Emma Theall, a sophomore is looking forward to the upcoming “Farmers Market” on Oct. 18. Theall came out to the event to show support to the local farmers.

“Every time I see these, I get real excited about it,” said Theall. “I like talking to all the people behind the table, asking them what they do. I got a plant once and got to ask all about it. Now the plant lives in my dorm in a cute little mug. I think it’s super cool and something that should keep happening here on campus because it shows that there are people around here who make these products on their own. It’s definitely something I want to come back to and look forward to coming to.”