Students kiss away cancer

Junior marketing major Kristen Calfee kisses the "Kiss Away Cancer" sign for breast cancer awareness. Jennifer Dettwiller/The Lion's Roar

The Campus Activities Board and the University Health Center hosted “Kiss Away Cancer” in the Student Union Breezeway on Oct. 17.

Junior English major and CAB Event Manager Gabrielle Levet explained the event, and its importance.

“It’s an event to spread breast cancer awareness and just cancer in general,” said Levet. “We have some signs that are for the students to show how to give yourself breast exams or testicular exams as well as giveaways from the health center and CAB. Mary Kay is providing lipstick for students to put on and kiss the ‘Kiss Away Cancer’ sign.”

Sophomore nursing major Michelle Gurley kissed the sign and participated in the event.

“This is really special to me because my mom had breast cancer and passed away from it,” said Gurley.

There were signs behind the booth for anyone who has had cancer.

“The honors cards are for anyone, any loved one who has had cancer or has lost their life to cancer,” said Levet.

Levet described the game they had set up and the prizes students could win.

“Some questions about breast cancer like some statistics and facts, and if you get the answer right, you win a Southeastern pint glass from the Campus Activities Board,” said Levet. “If you don’t win, you’ll get a stress ball that is in the shape of a pink ribbon.”