International cultures for everyone to experience

Freshman English major Ally Holloway performs the French song "La Vie en Rose" by Édith Piaf for "International Night." Jennifer Dettwiller/The Lion's Roar

“International Night” presented multiple cultures for university students to experience and learn about.

On Monday, Nov. 13, the international organizations on campus came together for “International Night” from 5-7 p.m.

Instructor of Languages and Communication Aileen Mootoo-Robertson explained what “International Night” is about.




“‘International Night’ is the celebration of our international students on campus,” said Mootoo-Robertson. “It’s an opportunity. It’s in conjunction with International Education Week, which is celebrated nationally, and the goal is to celebrate our international students but also expose our American students to their culture.”

Senior management major Haley Washington explained what she feels “International Night” offers the university.

“‘International Night’ brings out so many aspects of different cultures out to the public, things I’ve never seen or heard of but can still appreciate,” said Washington.

Washington discussed what she enjoyed the most about “International Night.”

“The food of course but also the ukulele French performance,” said Washington.

Mootoo-Robertson discussed the types of cultures “International Night” presented.

“This year the Panamanian culture, the Nepalese culture, French, German, Italian, and there is also going to be belly dancing, which is going to be like more Moroccan,” said Mootoo-Robertson.

Senior English education major Moises David Barba Castillo from the Panamanian group explained why his group decided to perform during “International Night.”

“We are going to perform because we like everyone to see our own culture, our dances, and well, we have to show the community here,” said Barba.

Mootoo-Robertson discussed the changes made to “International Night” this year compared to past years.

“Something new that we are doing this year is we’re going to have a photo contest, all of the study abroad programs that participated in this year 2017,” said Mootoo-Robertson. “There is a photo contest, and the students and faculty that attended and participated submitted pictures, and the winner will be presented that evening.”