Greeks host dawg show

Organizational Leadership for Greeks hosted a community service event for their final class project. The event, Greek’s Cause for D.A.W.G.S (Dog Adoption/awareness With Greek Students), held on Sunday, May 1, 2011 on North Campus between Buildings A & B included three contest events: Best Dog Trick – judged by Southeastern Provost, Dr. Tammy Bourg, Project Ruffway (Best Dressed Dog) – judged by Ms. Ashley Prescott and Smooches from Pooches (Best Dog Kiss) – judged by Senator David Heitmeier, as well as adoption facilities.  Several Greek organizations supported the event with booth sales.   Proceeds from the service project went to the local animal welfare groups of St. Francis Animal Sanctuary and P.A.W.S.

This project was partially funded by a Service Learning Grant from the Center for Faculty Excellence and concludes the semester with the application of specific leadership initiatives learned in the class. Instructor, Pam Prescott, encourages collations and collaboration within Greek Organizations represented in the class.  Each spring, LT 301 closes the semester with a community service project providing opportunities to demonstrate this philosophy with a “hands-on” final.  During this project, Ms. Prescott encourages each student  to exhibit their leadership growth, while encouraging them to adopt a strong life-long philosophy of civic engagement.

Instructor Pam Prescott comments, “I believe very strongly in the leadership potential of our young adults.  Measuring their growth potential is not always accurate when pen and paper is the only evaluative tool.  Allowing for their course final to be the production of a community service project, created, developed, managed and implemented by the class is the best tool for evaluating how well they’ve assimilated the leadership principles taught in the LT 301 course. Throughout this project, I evaluate each student’s ability to grow an individual vision into a class collaboration and have it culminate in a collective effort to serve the community.”

 -courtesy of Pam Prescott