Homecoming to Reconnect Members of Various Groups

Southeastern alumni looking to reunite with old friends while enjoying the Homecoming festivities on Saturday are encouraged to participate in various alumni reunions throughout the day, in addition to several alumni events prior.

According to Julie Perise of the Southeastern Alumni Association, various alumni reunions will be taking place in Friendship Circle. Because the times of the parade and the football game were changed, alumni reunions that were supposed to start at 4:30 p.m. will now start at noon.

Past members of the band will not only gather for a reunion, but will also have a chance to play music.

“Prior to the start of the game, there will be former members of the band who play alongside current band members,” said Perise. “They will join together for the national anthem and the alma mater.”

The 70s Black Alumni, a group chartered in September, will reunite Southeastern alumni from states such as California, Texas, and Georgia. Former residents of Cardinal Newman, a building that once was a dorm, will meet in Friendship Circle. Alumni of the college of sciences and technology will meet in Azalea Circle off of North Oak Street. Alumni who were members of Greek organizations will tailgate along with current members in Friendship Circle.

The ROTC Alumni will host a three-day celebration, beginning with dinner on Friday. The third annual ROTC Homecoming Skeet Tournament will also take place on Friday, and will be held at the Florida Parishes Skeet and Gun Association in Amite. The weekend will also include tailgating for the game in Friendship Circle on Saturday.

The African American Alumni Association will hold its annual Meet and Greet Mixer on Friday from 9 p.m. to midnight in the Student Union Ballroom.

Office of Multicultural and International Student Affairs (MISA) director Eric Summers explained the inception of the event and what attendees can expect.

“We have done the event since 2003, I believe,” said Summers. “We try to bring African American alumni back for a night just to get to know people. We started out as a ball but now it’s a meet and greet. We’ll have banquet style dinner, a DJ, we’ll also have an opportunity to sign up for the Alumni Association and it’s really a laid-back opportunity to reunite with old friends.”

Tickets for the meet and greet can be purchased for $15 at the MISA office, located on the second floor of the Student Union or at the door. For $40, attendees can purchase a ticket that will get then into the meet and greet, in addition to Friday’s step show at the University Center, the football game and another mixer on Saturday night.

More information on the meet and greet, contact the MISA office at 985-549-3850. For more detailed information on any of the alumni reunions, contact the Alumni Association at 985-549-2150.