A career in basketball


Courtesy of Christopher Salim

Freshman Guard Parker Edwards began his college basketball career in the fall of 2018 at the university. Since then, he has gained some recognition for the Game against Louisiana State University where he scored 25 points in 10 minutes.

As a part of the men’s basketball team, freshman guard Parker Edwards represents the university.

Edwards, a resident of Mandeville, started playing sports at a young age.

“When I was younger, I used to play in my house, but I started playing organized basketball when I was in kindergarten at the age of about seven,” said Edwards.

Though he played various other sports, Edwards started focusing more on basketball in high school.

“I played pretty much everything, but there was this love and passion I had for basketball,” said Edwards. “So, I just got with it, and I am here now.”

Since starting at the university in Edwards made his mark in the game against Louisiana State University on Nov. 6 where he scored 25 points in 10 minutes.

The competitive nature of the game inspires Edwards to put effort in the games he plays.

“I just love the competitiveness and how it feels to put all the hard work in the match,” shared Edwards. “That’s what makes me play every day. I could watch it and play it for hours every day. I just love the competitive job that gives it to everyone that plays it.”

Edwards feels glad to be a part of the men’s basketball team.

“It’s just amazing ‘cause all the hard work that I have put on throughout my life and throughout my high school career is finally paid off,” said Edwards. “I got the scholarship offer to play at Southeastern, and this is a dream come true to play division one basketball for me.”

Edwards’ main focus whenever playing any game is to give a maximum effort.

“Whenever I’m about to play a game, I just try to give it my all and leave everything out on the court,” said Edwards.

Edwards expressed gratitude to his coaches who help him prepare for the tough games ahead.

“It makes you better every day practicing and learning from the coaches who make sure you are playing fine every day preparing for the tough competitions,” said Edwards. “That makes you a better player.”

Even though Edwards is not certain of pursuing a career by playing basketball, he wants to grab any opportunity.

“If opportunity presents itself to play basketball after college, I’ll pursue that,” said Edwards. “If not, then I will be happy with the games that I have played in my career. I would be happy to play after, but if not, no big deal.”