Spring sports filling the rec

Recreational Sports and Wellness is offering 11 intramural sports leagues for students to participate in, including a tournament at Louisiana Tech University in April. The spring schedule starts with doubles racquetball on Feb. 6 and ends with “Swamp Bowl” on May 2.

Jason Templet, coordinator of competitive sports, shared that he has worked with a committee of students and referees to help come up with ideas and events. He also coordinates with universities nationally to think of ideas for the leagues.

Some intramural sports stay constant with semesters.

“The fall semester always has flag football and volleyball while the spring semester always has basketball and softball,” said Templet. “Soccer has been played in both semesters as more people participate.”

One of the newer intramural sports is battleship, which starts on April 2.

“Battleship is using canoes inside a pool, and teams try to sink each other and be the last team afloat,” explained Templet. “There are four people in each canoe. They use two buckets for throwing water and two kick boards to move around the pool while blocking other teams from throwing water in the boat.”

The home run derby will be held on April 17. Templet explained the event.

“Home run derby is played at a softball field, and each player tries to hit as many softballs beyond the fence,” said Templet.

Ryan Mays, a senior health and physical education major, has been helping at the Pennington Student Activity Center for four semesters. Throughout his time there, Mays has seen “a lot more enthusiasm” and “a push for more advertisement” for intramural sports.

Becoming involved in intramural sports can have physical, social and mental benefits for students. Templet recalled a memory during one of his spring semesters as a student.

“I played on a coed softball team when I was in college, and we won the intramural championship,” shared Templet. “I also hit a home run at our state tournament that we competed in.”

Templet described the success of the basketball tournament last spring.

“Our championship basketball game for intramurals was a great game,” said Templet. “The referees called the game really well, and the level of competition was great to watch and be a part of.”

According to Templet, some sports draw in more participants than others.

“Our basketball and softball leagues are always our biggest turnouts for the spring semester,” explained Templet. “Soccer is also becoming a highly anticipated event as well.”

To sign up for a league, visit imleagues.com/SELU/Registration to register a team. For fee information, sign-up instructions and a list of all intramural sports this semester, visit the Recreational Sports and Wellness page on the university website.