Practicing for perfection


File Photo/The Lion’s Roar

A player from White Lightning gets ready to hit the ball. Intramural sports offer several options for students who want to play the game.

Interested students can become involved in intramural teams through a variety of sports like basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball as well as others like battleship, home run derby and doubles badminton.

James Schopp, a senior accounting major, plays intramural flag football and softball. While some teams may take intramural sports seriously, others do it to enjoy the game, according to Schopp.

“I play for the team White Lighting, and we do not practice because we are all really close friends or roommates, so we know each other’s strengths,” shared Schopp.

Alex Jackson, a freshman supply chain management major, is a part of the intramural softball team called the Second Strings, which practices about twice a week.

“Our practices are mainly us hitting balls in field and out field and getting in reps over and over again to prepare for the team we are about to play,” explained Jackson.

Since Jackson is not a part of a Greek organization on campus or any other organization, she likes how the intramural sports give her something to do during her free time, and practicing is a part of that but not too overbearing in her schedule.

Jackson explained what they accomplish during practice.

“This is where we can learn how hard our third base man can throw to the first base man. That’s going to be really critical in the game, so we all can know how prepared to be,” said Jackson. “Also, this is a time where we can create a sense of team work.”

Wesley Brown, a graduate student who plays for the intramural softball team Duck and Pitches, shared what the team does in practice for softball intramural.

“We usually just go over plays so everyone is familiar with what is going on or we will practice batting to each other,” said Brown.

While some teams may have a laid-back approach, others are focused on a goal and driven to beat opponents. Brown shared that his team plays to have fun during practice.

“We usually have a good time at practice, but we do like to try and get better with each practice,” expressed Brown.

Schopp encouraged anyone considering any intramural sport to join a team.

“In my experience, I have learned that it is a blast playing sports with your friends and cutting up with each other,” shared Schopp.