Hammond boutique ranked first place


Gabrielle Wood/The Lion's Roar

Obsession Boutique has won “Best Boutique” in Louisiana for 2019. Employees Adrienne Mclin and Madeline Lato, left to right, assist customers in preparing for “Game Day” outfits.

Boutique Hub recently awarded Obsession Boutique the title of 2019 Louisiana Boutique of the Year.

Tori Bishop, a university alumna, owns the boutique that is located in the Hammond Square Mall. The store aims to carry the latest trends in clothing, shoes and accessories.

Winning the award has been a goal for Bishop and Obsession Boutique employees since the opening of the boutique in 2013.

According to Bishop, their customers made the store stand out among their competitors.

“This was a nationwide competition in which customers voted for their favorite boutiques in each state,” said Bishop. “Over 400,000 votes were cast and we were lucky enough to win Best Louisiana Boutique Overall and Best Louisiana Storefront. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing customers and their support.”

Obsession Boutique has a significant following and engagement with its customers, having over 15,000 followers on Instagram and a VIP group on Facebook. This group is specifically for its shoppers to get exclusive deals and interact with the store personally.

Bishop’s ultimate goal has always been to make Obsession Boutique more than just a store, but also a family with its customers and employees.

“We hope to keep serving the Hammond community and its surrounding areas with great customer service and the best clothes,” explained Bishop. “We just launched a new way to shop with us through our Facebook group, Obsession Boutique VIP Club. We offer on-trend, high-quality items at a VIP price, everything under $35, which has been a huge hit and we hope to grow our group and reach even higher.”

Obsession Boutique was also recognized for a local award in Hammond in previous years.

“We’ve won Best Boutique in Tangipahoa Parish the last three years via the Daily Star newspaper,” explained Bishop. “We actually found out we won for the third year in a row just days before we were named Best Boutique in the state.”

Bishop expressed what this award means to her and the staff of Obsession Boutique, having come a long way since the start of the boutique.

“This award means so much to me,” explained Bishop. “To be recognized by your customers as the best boutique in the entire state in a nation-wide competition is the most rewarding, humbling award I’ve ever received. Lots of happy tears were shed.”

Obsession Boutique is constantly working on new projects and ways to be more connected with its shoppers. Bishop has also opened a sister store to Obsession Boutique called Tailored Boutique. This personal engagement has raised the success of Obsession Boutique over the past years and the staff wishes to provide a fun and welcoming environment for all who visit.

“When I think of Obsession, I think of the word fun,” stated Bishop. “Not only is our style fun, fashion-forward and trendy, but the atmosphere in the store is fun. We have a great staff who loves what they do and they make every aspect of Obsession exciting.”

Bishop and the Obsession Boutique staff encourage all to stop by the boutique during business hours and experience what the fun is all about.

Gabrielle Wood/The Lion’s Roar
Adrienne Mclin arranges outfits in the store.