Pennington looks to hire fitness instructors


File Photo/The Lion's Roar

Participants exercise during the “Barre” group fitness class. “Yoga Flow,” “Silver Sneakers,” “Tai Chi” and “Zumba” are among the group fitness classes offered by the Pennington Student Activity Center.

Recreational Sports and Wellness will offer more group fitness courses throughout this semester.

With the addition of new courses, there is a also need for more instructors to teach these classes.

Seth Thomas, director of Recreational Sports and Wellness, hopes to hire dedicated and passionate individuals as leaders for the group fitness classes.

“We want these group leaders to bring high energy to the classes, and we want someone who wants to lead a group of individuals,” stated Thomas. “We want someone who wants to teach a variety of courses from Zumba to weightlifting and everything in between, someone who does not have a heavy experience, but is willing to learn a lot will be great for this job role.”

Thomas discussed how the instructor’s pay wage works.

“The pay varies on the teacher,” explained Thomas. “For those who have many qualifications and are certified, their pay will be higher than those who are not. They will be considered part of the student staff once they’re hired.”

Jason Templet, coordinator of competitive sports, explained the process of hiring an instructor.

“We have a few students teaching classes and a few community members that teach classes,” shared Templet. “We advertise for anyone interested in teaching group fitness. Then, we interview them and have a trial of the style of class that they want to teach in.”

Maranda Ernest, a senior nursing major and Zumba instructor, explained how she got involved with Zumba and how nerve-racking it was teaching her first class.

“When I was a senior in high school, I stopped dancing competitively,” stated Earnest. “I got really sad. I wasn’t dancing anymore and decided to try a Zumba class. I fell in love with the concept of dance and fitness and decided to get certified. My first class as a teacher was definitely a little awkward. I was so nervous, but I kept at it and got really comfortable with leading students. I really enjoy it now.”

Ernest likes that she can bring a smile to people’s faces through her classes.

“I like to make my classes fun and enjoyable,” stated Ernest. “I truly believe it’s what keeps the people coming back. My favorite part about teaching different students is being able to learn from them. I teach the same routines and sometimes I see someone adding their own little touch to it. I sometimes even incorporate their moves into mine.”

Templet encouraged students to get involved and join a fitness class.

“Students can sign up by dropping into one of the classes at the Pennington Student Activity Center on campus,” said Templet.

For more information regarding how to be a group fitness course instructor, contact Jason Templet or call the Pennington Student Activity Center.