Wilson Hall to be demolished

The Southeastern campus will soon lose one of its more original buildings. Wilson Hall is set to be demolished in the summer of this year.
What once acted as an agricultural affairs office for the university around the 1960s,  is currently unoccupied and will be removed accordingly by the Facility Planning Department.
According to Ken Howe, Director of Facility Planning, the hall has prominent issues which are beyond renovation measures.
“[Wilson Hall] has a lot of structural issues,” said Howe. “We’ve had some severe issues with the roof,  and the other issue is that the building was built around 1960.”
Howe explained that much of the interior consists of pasteurizing devices and equipment, being that it was initially intended to house a dairy department, but now lacks any applicable status and is purposeless to modernize.
“A good portion of the building is very difficult to even use or transform into something else. But between the major maintenance issues with the roof, the antiquity of the building and the equipment in it, it’s just [with] the size of the building. It would cost so much to renovate it for the size of the building. It’s just not practical.”
Paid for through building use fees and an upcoming 10 percent increase in tuition, the minor building’s demolition project will roughly begin during the summer 2013 semester.
As for the potential area left behind once the structure is demolished, little is known as to what the space could be converted into. The definite need for additional parking along North Oak Street may be a possibility, but Facility Planning says studies must be conducted before a decision is made.
“We have some ideas with some, you know since it’s right there on North Oak, it being an entry way, the way that the new union is coming along next year,” said Howe. “So we’re doing some studies with what we may end up doing with that area.”