Health clinic and insurance company partner to provide free employee check ups


A health insurance company is partnering with Catapult Health to provide cost-free preventive care check ups for employees who are enrolled in the coverage.

The university’s Human Resources Office is facilitating on-site wellness visits in the Pennington Student Activity Center. The check ups will be done all week long in room 106. Appointments are held from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Catapult Health and the Office of Group Benefits (OGB) Insurance are providing preventive check ups that save time and money for employees of businesses that work with Catapult. Rather than scheduling an appointment with a primary care physician, Catapult comes directly to the place of work. In addition to time and cost benefits, the check ups are completely confidential, and individuals will be informed about their health.

“You will learn accurate, actionable information about yourself and your risks related to diabetes, heart disease and stroke,” according to Catapult Health’s website. “A certified Nurse Practitioner will answer your healthcare questions and review your results with you via a private video consult. Your information can also be sent to your doctor. If you don’t have a doctor, Catapult can help you find one. You will leave with a Personal Action Plan that will help you reduce your risks and improve your quality of life.”

Nicole Dunnington, Human Resources Benefits supervisor for the university, explained who meets the eligibility requirements for the check ups that are being provided by Catapult and OGB.

“OGB contracts with Catapult to provide employees with on-site wellness visits for those employees enrolled in OGB coverage,” stated Dunnington. “These check ups are not for students, only faculty, staff, state retirees and other state employees that have Office of Group Benefits coverage.”

Dunnington shared that this clinic is a recurring event that HR tries to schedule multiple times a year for the benefit of employees.

“We try and schedule these clinics three to four times throughout the year for our employees,” explained Dunnington.

Dunnington explained a specific cost benefit that accompanies one of the on-site wellness visits with Catapult. Not only is the check up free of charge, but a completed visit will save money for those with Office of Group Benefits health insurance.

“If they complete the visit, employees save $10 a month on their insurance,” explained Dunnington.

If employees meet the qualifications and are looking to make an appointment, there is a link that has been emailed to all employees enrolled in the Office of Group Benefits Insurance coverage, according to Dunnington.

Employees must bring a driver’s license and insurance card to the scheduled appointment.