Preply undergoing updates to enhance language learning


The start of another semester kicks off the search for new ways to study and more tutoring options.

The university offers multiple different tools to help students with a wide range of subjects. There are resources such as the math lab, writing lab, Center for Student Excellence and a website named Preply. 

Preply was originally an idea founded in late 2012 and from there, the all-in-one website has been modified to consist of tutor search pages, a user interface and a video lesson software named Preply Space.

On the website, students can learn more than 50 languages, along with other subjects like math, chemistry and physics.

Students wanting to use Preply should register at the website and start searching for tutors. Choose a subject, find a suitable tutor, book the first lesson and proceed to checkout. They offer the first trial lesson, and if the student does not like their tutor, they can replace him or her for free.

Students can take lessons via Skype or via Preply Space, which is software designed for video conferencing that has been created specifically for online lessons.

Vladyslav Turchyn, marketing and search engine optimization specialist at Preply, explained that there is no hassle to meet up with tutors and students don’t have to limit themselves to tutors in their area.

“We created Preply to make language learning more effective and accessible,” said Turchyn. “See, offline tutoring has its obvious pitfalls: commute time, additional time for finding the right tutor, limited time slots and need to be at the physical location of a tutor. With Preply, you can take cheaper language lessons from any place of the world and not limit yourself to local tutors from your city.”

Turchyn himself is a language learner, speaking five languages in total.

“We understood that our customers are in a dire need of English tutors instead of just SAT and ACT tutors,” said Turchyn.

The website will be updated in the near future to add more features for Preply customers.

“In the future, we plan on adding various tools for scientific subjects— chemistry, maths,” said Turchyn. “In addition, our methodology team is in the middle of creating the learning plans for English learners; this will be scaled to other subjects—Spanish, German—as well as other language versions of our website. Also, we regularly work on increasing the supply of tutors and improving the product features.”

Anyone who would like to become a tutor can register on the website, fill in their information and submit a video presentation as well as upload any certificates. This is to confirm their identity and increase their chances of finding a student.

The website is now available to all students. Whether they are trying to become a tutor or looking for one, Preply can help. For more information, visit their website.