From player to coach: Katie Lacour’s career as a Lady Lion outfielder


Courtesy of Sports Information/The Lion’s Roar

Lacour is a native of Port St. Joe, Fla. and committed to Southeastern in 2012. She is in her first year as an assistant coach for the Lady Lions. The Lady Lions next game is on Mar. 6 against Texas A&M Corpus-Christi.

The Lady Lions softball team added a new position to its coaching staff in 2020 with the addition of 2016 alumna Katie Lacour.

Lacour sticks out from the other coaches in the fact that she’s coaching at the university where she broke many records.

Lacour talked about her playing days as a Lady Lion and how she will always remember the friendships she built.

“My playing days were awesome, and I loved every bit of it,” explained Lacour. “I made lifelong friends from playing and was one of the best experiences of my whole life.”

Originally from Port St. Joe, Fla., Lacour explained why she chose to attend Southeastern after she graduated from high school.

“I had an offer to come here and play,” shared Lacour. “I am a third generation Lion. My family is originally from Louisiana so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to come back home and play for Southeastern.”

Growing up she was motivated by her mother to be heavily involved in sports. Lacour shared who else was a big motivator in her life besides her mom.

“My mom was a high school coach and always pushed me to play a lot of sports,” claimed Lacour. “She would always push me to be my best and play my best. She influenced me to play softball, golf and many other sports since she was the coach. I spent a lot of my childhood riding the team bus to the games so the older players motivated me a lot too.”

Lacour explained how the competition was her favorite part of playing softball.

“The competition side of it was always my favorite,” stated Lacour. “I loved to compete and wanted to win in all aspects of the game. Now that I am coaching it has kind of scaled back a little bit, but I am still super competitive.”

While playing for the Lady Lions, Lacour met her soon-to-be bridesmaid Amber Sather and shared how she made a lifelong best friend.

“Amber Sather is one of the best people I have ever met,” stated Lacour. “She was just such a selfless person, and that’s what I will always remember about her.”

Making many memories at Southeastern Lacour shared one that she will always remember for the rest of her life.

“My all time favorite memory would have to be when Amber hit a walk-off home run to beat Ole Miss,” shared Lacour. “I was the tying run and she was the game-winning run. It was so awesome to be able to celebrate that with her and to beat a SEC school was awesome.”

Sather shared what her favorite memory with Lacour was during her playing days at Southeastern.

“We have a lot of great memories with Southeastern Softball from big wins, setting records, long road trips with our annual first road trip selfie and Lion Idol,” stated Sather. “But some of my favorite memories with Katie were outside of softball. But one of my favorite memories of Katie is when we would get the team together to play wiffle ball in the indoor facility before our home games.”