Virtual student engagement takes over campus life


Dylan Meche/The Lion's Roar

More organizations on campus have been using Zoom to hold meetings and engage with each other. The office of student engagement is one of the many campus organizations taking advantage of this .

Ever since the majority of students, faculty and staff moved off-campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office for Student Engagement has been finding ways to interact with students.

From social media to events hosted over video chat, OSE has been active in the field of virtual student engagement.

Marjorie Parker, interim director of OSE, explained what virtual engagement offers for students.

“Virtual student engagement is an opportunity for Southeastern students to remain connected to their co-curricular and extracurricular activities utilizing digital platforms,” stated Parker.

Students can utilize a wide variety of digital platforms, and Parker explained how students can be involved online.

“The Office for Student Engagement Team brainstormed and researched ways students can continue being involved and informed through technology such as: video conferencing, social media, teleconferencing and TikTok videos to name a few,” explained Parker.

With over 600 followers on Instagram and over 700 likes on Facebook, OSE has been using its social media platforms to engage with students.

“Social media platforms are being utilized for students to gain information about SLU Updates, play games, watch videos and gain wellness tips as we work remotely,” commented Parker.

On the university’s website, OSE has resources for student leaders to engage with students virtually.

The header of the Virtual Student Engagement tab of the website states, “Are you worried about how to engage your student organization members virtually? Do not panic, the Office for Student Engagement has resources and tips available for you so you can continue to be a student leader virtually.”

The online platforms for student leaders are split up into three categories: Social Media, Video Conferencing and Conference Calls.

The social media category contains links to Instagram and Facebook live to engage with students in real-time. Zoom, Adobe Connect, Google Meet and GoTo Meetings are the video conferencing resources through which OSE offers engagement.

Students can take advantage of these social media platforms to remain connected to the university. For student leaders, the OSE page on the university website has a tab that lists resources that are available to engage with students virtually.

Follow the Office for Student Engagement on social media @SoutheasternOSE to get involved on campus life virtually, and visit the university website to get resources on how to engage with students online.