Accounting student awarded $10,000 scholarship

Accounting student awarded $10,000 scholarship

Courtesy of Madeline Clouatre

A senior accounting student recently received a $10,000 scholarship from the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.

Beginning in 2011, the PCAOB has conducted a scholars program for undergraduate and graduate accounting students. Students must be enrolled in accredited U.S. colleges and universities to be considered for the scholarship.

According to the PCAOB website, “The PCAOB Scholars Program seeks to benefit students who are likely to become auditors and to make a difference to students who might otherwise choose a different career path.”

Madeline Clouatre, the recipient of the scholarship, explained that the application process was not difficult. 

“To me, it was all about putting myself out there and going the extra mile academically, while developing professional relationships with my professors,” expressed Clouatre. “This is what essentially gave me the opportunity to apply for the PCAOB Scholarship.”

Clouatre shared the emotions she felt upon receiving the scholarship. 

“When I found out I received the PCAOB Scholarship, I was very excited, and I immediately called my parents and friends,” said Clouatre. “I felt proud and accomplished knowing that my hard work and dedication paid off.”

In addition to lightening her financial responsibilities, the reward allows Clouatre to focus on what she believes is the most important aspect of school: learning. 

“It will also significantly help with the cost of my postgraduate studies by allowing me to graduate with my MBA debt-free,” explained Clouatre. 

Dr. Robert Braun, department head of accounting and finance, stated that the entire accounting faculty participated in the process of selecting Clouatre. 

“Once we made the decision about our nominee, nobody looked back,” shared Braun. “She is an outstanding student who is conscientious in all that she does. We just know that she will make a valuable contribution to the people and communities she serves throughout her career.”

Braun explained that this is the third year in a row a student from the department has received the scholarship.  

“It is gratifying to know that our most outstanding students have received this type of assistance as they moved toward the end of their academic careers,” said Braun. “We look at it as external validation of the work that our students are doing in the program and the potential that they have to make a difference when they graduate.” 

Braun shared advice for incoming and existing accounting and finance students who wish to make the most out of their time at the university. 

“Earning scholarships can be a great near-term goal,” explained Braun. “It feels great to be recognized and to have help with college costs. The long-term rewards of doing well in our program, and in any of our outstanding programs here at Southeastern, come after walking across the stage at graduation.”