Senior track runner sets new school record


Austin O'Brien/The Lion's Roar

At track practice, Sophie Daigle tries to improve her times and form. She currently has the most records out of any single female track runner in university history.

As the spring 2021 semester winds down, many athletes are trying to push themselves to new heights. For one member of the track team, her goal to finish strong has become a reality.

Sophie Daigle, a senior track runner for Southeastern, has recently hit her seventh school record in the sport. She set this new record in the 10k run event, coming in with a time of 35:33.90. 

She currently has the most records out of any single female track runner in university history. The 10k is Daigle’s longest event and her latest record in women’s track and field. 

She said, “It feels great to see my names next to those school records, and I couldn’t have done it without my coaches and teammates pushing me along the way. Being able to run for such a great school is an honor and it will always be a part of me. I am glad that I will be able to leave my mark on Southeastern and be a part of its history.”

Daigle’s journey began at a very young age, beginning in the third grade. She has been running track ever since, and the hard work has paid off.

Corey Mistretta, head coach of the track team, had positive remarks about Daigle as he was excited for her progression in life. Daigle’s greatest strength is her ability to run through pain thresholds in training, according to Mistretta.

“As a distance runner, you are asked to do things to your body that aren’t very comfortable, and Sophie has a determination that allows her to push beyond normal limits. Her best quality, in my opinion, is her easygoing, welcoming nature. Sophie is very easy to get along with and has been a joy to have on our team,” Mistretta said.

Daigle’s perspective on Mistretta was also positive. 

She said, “Coach Mistretta has been very a supportive help towards reaching my goals. He has shown me to never give up on reaching for each of my school records.”

This is Daigle’s last semester at Southeastern. Once she graduates this summer, she will be attending ULL to earn a Master of Arts in teaching. She also plans to transfer to the ULL track team to continue her running career.

“Sophie has been a major part of our distance team for the past four years. She will be greatly missed as she moves on to attend graduate school,” Mistretta said.