Ordering food made efficient with Tapingo

The new Tapingo app was introduced to campus to allow advanced ordering for campus dining. Nikisun Shrestha/The Lion’s Roar

The Auxiliary Service in association with Aramark has started the use of the Tapingo app in the university as a means to improve the dining experience for the students.

Director of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives for Auxiliary Services Robin Parker explains what the app is and what it allows the students to do.

“Tapingo is a mobile commerce application that offers advance ordering for college campuses,” said Parker. “Through Tapingo, users can browse menus, place orders, pay for the meal and schedule the pickup.”

The app was launched in 2012 targeting college campuses and students in order to save time. This advantage made the app enticing for the university.

“It is a great time saver for customers,” said Parker. “Between classes, studying, campus activities, work, etc., our students are busy. Tapingo fits into the lives of those busy schedules by providing convenience, easy access and reliability.”

Parker described how Tapingo got the attention of her department.

“Seeing the product promoted at industry conferences and through talks with Aramark,” said Parker. “The university wanted to bring an online ordering service to campus. It reviewed a couple of options and through its business partnership with Aramark determined that Tapingo would be the best fit for the Southeastern community.”

The personalized and efficient food ordering along with multiple payment options will allow the app to be student-friendly. Auxiliary Services is also planning other strategies to make the services in the university more convenient for the students.

“The new residence halls will feature wireless remote card access as well as integrated technology that will allow for classes and special programming to take place within the halls,” said Parker. “Additionally, the Document Source will be adding upgraded print and finishing equipment during the Fall 2017 semester.”