Who Are You Electing?

The Student Government Association helps maintain interaction in the university by helping students and administration interact with the community.

SGA is preparing for the spring election that is scheduled to happen from April 10-12. Results from the election will fill the positions for the president, vice president, chief justice and senators.

Candidates who submitted the forms and were eligible were sent the notification of eligibility, have begun campaigning and will continue to do so until the last day of the election. 

Voting will open at 8 a.m. on April 10 and will close at 4:30 p.m. on April 12. According to President of SGA Seth Leto, students can either vote online through southeastern.edu/sgavote or through booths located on campus.

Leto discussed the responsibilities and services of SGA.




“SGA has a huge impact on campus life,” said Leto. “Through our efforts, we plan two of the largest Southeastern events: the student Homecoming activities and the Big Event. Along with these events, SGA also provides free services to the students. SGA funds grants for organizations and departments for travel and other needs. Overall, we work as advocates and representatives for students by overseeing parking appeals, sitting on campus committees, meeting with administrators, and even meeting with state and local officials.”

Students can be involved in the event by helping candidates with their campaigning process and casting their votes.

Ali LeBlanc and Richard Davis Jr. are running for the presidency. The candidates for the position of vice president are Claudio Franc, Jazelle Harris, Brianna Carter and Zachary Corzo. Alberto Valenzuela is the sole candidate for chief justice and will serve next year by default. Kirstyn George is running for the senator for the college of science and technology. Brittany Calecas, Karley Bordelon, Jody Bennett and Anna Crawford will represent the college of arts, humanities and social sciences. Samantha Messina is running for senator for the college of education and Jasmine Washington will be representing the college of nursing and health sciences.

Two candidates for the position of president, four for vice president and one for chief justice can campaign in person and through social media. They will also have a campaign rally and a debate. According to Leto, they are “allowed to spend money, so they will be disbursing campaign materials to spread their message.” 

Leto thinks the election is important for students.

“SGA elections are very important because it gives the students a voice,” said Leto. “The students have the right to elect their representatives who work all year being an advocate for them. It is important for students to be involved in the process.”