The shocking confession

Communication major Bruce Javery II, an active member of Alpha Psi Omega confessed to posting threatening messages in the D Vickers Hall Lobby. Javery was outraged by the results of  the recent APO officer elections. He lashed out at the organization and theatre department with claims of favoritism, nepotism and racism and making threats on their lives.  File Photo/The Lion’s Roar

Bruce Javery II has been arrested and banned from campus after confessing to posting threatening messages online and on campus. He was banned from campus and is being charged with terrorizing.

Javery, a member of the campus’ theatre honor organization, Alpha Psi Omega, posted threats to the theatre’s Facebook page and to the doors of the Vonnie Borden Theatre after not being elected to a desired officer position within the organization.

“I had a serious lapse in judgment, and I lashed out in an immature manner that’s completely out of my character,” said Javery.

The threats were posted in D Vickers Hall lobby the morning of Wednesday, April 11. The threats were posted in three places including one directed at Professor of Acting and Directing James “Jim” Winter. Javery has made clear that the threat had nothing to do with “The Crucible,” which is to be presented on April 24-27.

After news spread of Javery’s confession, many students who know Javery through APO or other affiliations were confused and hurt by his actions. Students expressed through social media their fond memories of Javery’s bright and endearing personality.

“Bruce Javery has been nothing but a positive influence on Alpha Psi Omega in the past,” said President of APO Madison Paulus. “He was one of our most active members and always had a smile on his face.”

According to members of APO, this was not the first time Javery had expressed disdain towards the election process within APO.

“I and many other members had long talks and words of encouragement with Javery in the past when he was feeling upset,” said Paulus. “We did everything right, including recommending the counseling center on campus.  Some people think differently than others, and there is no way to get through to them.”

Javery insists casting directors base their selections on favoritism and nepotism. In his rant on Facebook, Javery also called APO’s faculty advisor, Winter, racist.

“Alpha Psi Omega is a benevolent society that can offer great opportunities, but they come at a price one must be willing to pay,” said Javery. “You can be the most well-prepared person at auditions and meet any and all requirements that they’re looking for, but most of the time, they will always go with their ‘favorites’ instead of those who have worked tirelessly to earn a role.”

However, APO officers feel there is no such thing going on in the play castings.

“There has been absolutely no evidence of favoritism, racism or nepotism in any of my experiences,” said Paulus. “Many directors choose to go with a ‘color-blind’ casting approach, meaning they pay no attention to skin color. For example, in ‘Distracted’ there was a Caucasian mom and African-American dad.”

In the voting process, what Javery described as favoritism with members choosing their friends over qualified individuals, Paulus described as a democratic approach where each member votes anonymously via Google Forms for who they feel is the best candidate. Candidates have to write a brief description of why they feel they are suited for the position before voting occurs.

Anyone confused or upset by last week’s events are encouraged to visit the University Counseling Center. Paulus also asks that anyone who sees Javery on campus contact the University Police Department.

After confessing to the crime, Javery was arrested by Sheriff’s deputies. He has since been released and has a court date scheduled for June 2018.