Alumni Association searches for board members

The Alumni Association is going through a selection process for new board of director members. 

According to Executive Director of Alumni Relations Michelle Biggs, the board of directors is “a group that helps and guides the Alumni Association.” 

Alumni Relations is currently looking for four executive members including a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, eight members-at-large and two members appointed by the president of alumni relations. They will all serve for a period of two years.

Biggs explained what roles the board of director members will have in representing the Alumni Association.

“It’s vitally important because they are the leaders of our overall Alumni Association, so they help guide the mission of Alumni Association in conjunction with the mission of the university,” said Biggs. “They represent the alumni of the university, so we want to make sure that they are out there spreading the word of the university and being ambassadors on behalf of the Alumni Association.”

Biggs explained that the new members will be involved with the university by helping Alumni Relations function effectively.

“They need to be involved and to help guide the Alumni Association to set the goals of identifying programs and events that benefit the alumni,” said Biggs.

The call for nominations was sent out via email and social media in March. Individuals were either nominated by members of university community or through self-nomination. According to Biggs, forms were due to her office on April 6 following the review of application by the nominating committee on April 10. 

Biggs discussed the criteria required to be a member, which include being members who paid dues and are in good standing.

“They have to have demonstrated involvement and support of the university over all,” said Biggs. “They have to be willing to give their time and expertise. They attend four board meetings, and throughout the year, we meet on a quarterly basis, and they need to be active within the alumni chapter or be in a committee.”

The new members will be selected based on the voting done by the dues paying members of the Alumni Association. Letters will be sent to voting members on April 20, and the ballots will be due back on May 18. The new members will be notified to attend orientation on May 25.